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Today in our society the culture of hospital mainly concentrates on treating symptoms and curing patient physically rather than treating patients as whole.

A holistic approach is invented in healing hospital. This paradigm encompasses healing person as a whole by upholding harmony of mind, body and spirit. According to Erie Chapman the president and CEO of the trust, the main commitment of healing hospital is to deliver and fashion a radical loving care (“Journal of Sacred work,” 2009).In this essay writer will discuss the apparatuses of healing hospital and its relation to spirituality; challenges in creating a healing environment and a biblical passage that support the concept of healing hospital. In 2008 the Mercy Gilbert Medical center was awarded by the Baptist Healing Trust for one of the top ten healing hospitals in the nation (“Journal of Sacred work,” 2009). While building this hospital the leadership concentrated and worked to create a facility with healing environment as much as possible. There are mainly three components that make a healing hospital.

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They are healing physical atmosphere, the integration of architectonics and technology and a principle of Radical Loving Care. To uphold healing environment the employees and care givers have to engage with families to promote healing. Caregivers such as nurses and doctors have to learn to contribute loving and compassionate care to boost healing and help patients to cope with stressors. In addition it is very important that patients receive quiet environment to get good sleep. Sleep is very important because cells regenerates faster and repair during sleep.Quiet environment not only benefit patients, it also benefits employees. The calm environment will prevent distractions and as a result it reduces medical errors (Eberst, 2008).

Another subsequent key element of healing hospital is integration of work design and technology. Designating elevators for patients will preserve their privacy and security during transportation. Single patient’s rooms promote privacy, prevent infection and endorse good rest and sleep. Advanced technology expedites test results, and facilitates physicians to see results from physician’s office which in turn help them to make critical decision if needed.The rooms also equipped with entertainment system so that patient could listen to music, education sessions and comedy channels (Eberst, 2008). The Mendocino Coast district hospital, the first healing hospital recommends that to gratify benchmarks of healing hospital each departments in the hospital should employs simple informative tools for patients and visitors that create health awareness and inspire healthy living. For instance testing departments provided with training program to reduce stress surgery division offer guided imagery CD to start healing process before surgery.

The hospital took a positive role in improving health of the community (“Mendocino Coast District Hospital,” 2009). The last and most vital element of healing hospital is implementing a culture of Radical Loving Care. This philosophy of empathetic care was advocated by Erie chapman who is the leader of health care industry. The purpose of the philosophy is to take health care staffs back to their root and reminding them the reason why they went to health care (Eberst, 2008).

This philosophy stimulates the healing of clients through holistic approach.It is very important that we contribute our clients with emotional and spiritual needs rather than just physical needs. A whole make up of a person consists of mind, body and spirit.

The Joint Commission standards necessitate the health care organizations to assess a persons’ spiritual viewpoint affect treatment and services. Spirituality is a complex and multidimensional part of the human experiences. It helps individual to search for the importance and determination of life as well as it helps to experience hope, love, inner peace, comfort and support (Ashcraft, Anthony, & Mancuso, 2010).So it is very important to give spiritual care as needed to a patient.

Spiritual care includes counseling, support with grieving process and spiritual and cultural concerns affecting treatment (“dignityhealth. org,” n. d).

Recently health care system concentrating more on patient centered care. However, health care system facing many financial crunches due to changes in reimbursement payment from commercial and federal payers (Medicare and Medicaid) and economic recession. To transform a hospital according to the notion of healing hospital requirements need large amount of financial investments.The new technologies are very costly and require high maintainers. Another barrier involved is that the Healing Hospital notion is not fully accepted by in health care system which increases in hike of law suits and insurance rates.

Hospitals have to hire more nurses to so that they reduce nurse patient ratio to provide an optimal care. Furthermore, the major challenge would be changing philosophy of employees and patients who comes from different cultures, values and beliefs. This requires commitment of entire health care team members.Changes have to occur from the president personal to housekeeping personal. These elements are time consuming and costly.

The Bible has many stories that support the concept of healing. The bible verses that writer believe that supports the notion of healing is the verses from book of Jeremiah when Lord says “For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” (Jeremiah 30:17). These words are promise of God the father to Jewish people. He took good care and healed of his people that have proven in Old Testaments. Jesus continued to heal sick people in New Testaments.These words can really give hope to a sick person. Meditating and praying can reduce anxiety and stressors which will in turn speed up recovery.

When writer feel down, these word give writer inspirations and confidence. In conclusion, healing hospital is a great approach to holistic care. The duty of healing hospital is to advance health. It is not just aiming on curing disease or eradicating illness rather this approach enlightening the entire welfare of a person. To construct a healing hospital it is expensive, time consuming and changing people’s philosophy.

Creating a friendly atmosphere will have abundant effectiveness in the care provided. However it is a big challenge and pledge of all health care professionals. References Ashcraft, L. , Anthony, W. A.

, & Mancuso, L. (2010, July/ August). Is Spirituality Essential for Recovery? Behavioral Healthcare, 30, 7-8. Retrieved from http://library. gcu.

edu:2048/login? url=http://search. proquest. com/docview/746780274? accountid=7374 Eberst, L. (2008, March/ April).

Arizona Medical Center Shows How to Be a ’Healing Hospital’. Health Progress, 89, 77-79. Retrieved

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