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Headline Article – Stock Market Reaches All Time LowToday marks the lowest point the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the average of the top 30 stocks has ever reached as of yet closing at 41.22. The average has dropped by almost 90 percent since the beginning of The Great Depression and Industrial stocks have lost 80% of their value. In addition, as of now more than half of our nation’s banks have closed and failed and an estimated fifteen million Americans are now unemployed. Most businesses have already closed due to not being able to pay their workers causing the large number of unemployed Americans.The Search For Work ContinuesAround 15 million Americans are now unemployed or searching for work, meaning many families have no income and no way to support themselves. Many unemployed people are taking it upon themselves to find work by any means necessary, people are jumping onto trains for transportation since most people can no longer afford cars, looking for any opportunities along the way the trains go. Not only men are looking for jobs, but teenagers and women searched for work as well and brought their families along with them. On the rare occasion that there is a job opening, countless people would come to apply for the spot, even then, there is only a slim chance to get the job. For the rest of us who do have jobs, the majority of our wages are lowering. Life Inside Hoovervilles Countless people and families now live in Hoovervilles, named after President Hoover who is getting blamed for The Great Depression, and if you live in a large city, they might not be uncommon to you. The Hoovervilles consists mainly of families who have no other place to live and are built out of any materials that can be found. Since most of the shacks built in Hoovervilles are made out of poor materials such as cardboard, wood, or whatever is available, they don’t last very long and are in need of constant repair. The residents usually have no job so they are left to beg for their food or to use public charities nearby.

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