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Has anybody wondered why smoking should be banned and why smoking is bad for you? Now before I tell you why I believe that smoking should be illegal, let me talk about how smoking is bad for your body and organism. And I will also talk about of the people who have smoking addiction every time of their lives. Now that you know why smoking is harmful to living organisms, it’s clear that smoking should be illegal. Did you know why smoking is bad for your organs and why you should not do smoking? The truth is that a cigarette contains over 4,000 toxic chemicals which enter your organs. A second-hand smoke will kill a person a day from lung cancer and 35,000 death per year from heart disease. smoking can also cause your organs to contained a bad disease, and just a little thing can cause so many problems to people around the world. But not only smoking can damage people’s health, it can also damage our environment. (TX. Margaux M. Dallas)                               Tobacco is one of the first and one of the most toxic cigarettes that was ever made. Tobacco clearly takes a significant toll on the lives of Americans, it causes 450,000 per deaths each year. Every other hospital around the State knows that Tobacco is public enemy No .1 illness. Some people say banned smoking, but smokers argue about it. And the reason why smokers argued about it is that their lives have been smoking ever since they first tried it and if a person who got addicted to it, they will never stop smoking. It’s very hard for people to stop smoking and it is also hard for loved ones too. (Fox News)           People know that smokers smoke around the place. But are they allowed to smoke inside or outside of restaurants? The truth is that people do ban smoking inside a restaurant or a bar including outside, and the reason why people are not allowed to smoke inside of a restaurant is that if a person smoke inside of a restaurant, it will be dangerous to nonsmokers. Smoke can also be around the air inside of a restaurant and it will damage a person’s organisms including a child, also there are many parents that smoke a lot with their children and smoking with kids around is counts as a child abuse. (Krauss, Michael I.)    Now you know why I Believe that smoking should be illegal and you know why we must always take care of our bodies and will never do smoking or drugs in the future. So let us always be a good, healthy, and wise people in the future and help the ones that committed smoking to give them another chance to be a healthy person again.   

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