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has four steps starting from internal organizational examination to having a follow up
of the transition process


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The problems faced against change management were

Initial opposition-whenever there is a change it takes some time to get used to it
and at the first stage its common to face some opposition from workers

Lack of education & communication-there needs to be a proper education and
communication to each and every member. If it is not done without proper
education, it could become a failure

Failure to convince the low level employees-all upcoming changes somehow
impact the low level employees directly or indirectly, so make them aware of it

Sudden changes-sudden changes or the changes that quickly initiated are prone to

more errors and mistakes.

Lack of understanding in the top management- Sometimes change management

fails because the top management fails to reach an agreement over the strategies

and plans to be followed

Lack of planning and short term vision-change management is an activity that

requires lot of care & attention. The activities and the progress have to be
reviewed time to time in order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency.


The importance of change management is not slowing down. It’s getting accelerated due to
the competitive economy and the globalization processes .In theory change management is a
complex process and quiet hard to accept. According to the qualitative data also change
management can add a lot to the progress of an organization. In theory change management is
a kind of complex process with a lot of steps and factors to be considered, but in practical
situations, if done accordingly it can bring in a lot of success.


From the managerial point of view Change management contributes a lot to the success of an
organization and making it diverse in order to survive in the long run. Effective 

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