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Health is an important factor to consider in the development of a nation.

The services that the government is rendering over its population must be sufficient to back up every change. Over the past fifty years, there are lots of changes that happened in health and human services. In the food sector, health of the population is generally dependent on the production of food and the kind of food served in the table. Another change refers to the inaccessibility of safe water.The changes in the environment and the degradation of the natural resources lead to the lack of safe water to drink.

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Its implication is the increasing number of water related diseases in this generation. Some of the significant changes include: more advanced research centers to deal with the increasing number of diseases, modern hospitals and clinics to provide quality services, and awareness of the population is increased thru the mass media. On the negative side over the past 50 years human health encountered lots of diseases that continue to change and be resistant over time.(WHO, 2005) Society’s responsibility to individual needs changed in the last ten years in a way that the society is now more cautious and aware of the existing needs and they can come up to a better solution unlike before that they would end in awareness and not be able to solve the problem right away.

The government especially those that are in the health department should determine the health and needs of its population but the responsibility does not point only to them.The population as a whole must be the first to shoulder the responsibility because government officials could never pinpoint the abrupt needs of the community unless they ask for it. The role of health and human services workers in relation to the future needs of American Society should be to properly identify the things that needed to put action first, and to be able visualize the up coming problems and find solutions to it. References: WHO. (2005).

“Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Health Synthesis” [Electronic Version]. Retrieved September 19, 2007 http://www. millenniumassessment. org/en/Article.

aspx? id=72.

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