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How does salinity affect the growth of hallucination? Hypothesis- think that the higher the salinity of the growths medium the better the hallucination will grow. I think this because hallucination thrives in extremely salty environments. Materials- Complete Medium (CM) Live hallucination culture 3 Falcon tubes Spectrophotometer 3 Suspects 1 ML Feral pipette Microscope w/tips Variables- Manipulated -Salinity of growth medium Responding -Growth of hallucination Controlled -Temperature of hallucinatory samples -Amount of hallucination -Amount of growth medium Day One Procedure-

Note: Each group will be assigned ONE concentration of CM (2. 3 M, 2. MM, 3. 3 M, 3. 8 M, 4. 3 M) and each group will prepare three test samples with heliocentric and one sample without Heliocentric as a control. 1 . Fill the necessary information on the prepare, color coded labels for all three Falcon tubes. 2. Add ml o your assigned concentration of CM into each of the four Falcon tubes using a Feral pipette five times, for a TOTAL of 5 ml. When your group is called to the microscope station, add 100. 0 ml of Hallucination into three of the Falcon tubes using a microscope. Do NOT touch the tips.

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Do NOT put Hallucination in your control Falcon tube. 3. Dispose of the microscope tips in the disposal cup at he microscope station after putting together all three samples. 4. Make sure the Falcon tube caps are securely fastened, pressing cap to its second stop 5. Place labeled Falcon tubes in labeled class bin. 6. Wash your table with cleaning solution Ms. Panels provides. 7. Wash your hands. Day 2 & 3 Procedures- 1 .

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