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The facts state the obvious and will prove to you that gun control can save lives. Since the tragic school shooting in Newton Connecticut, gun control has taken center stage around the country and with our politicians. Here are some facts from the FBI Crime Reports; of the 452 people murdered in Illinois in 2011 83% were killed with guns..

.The highest percentage in the country. Washington D. C. Ad the worst gun crime rate per capita in the country in 2011 for every 1 00,000 people here were 12 gun murders and 242 robberies at gun point. California had the highest gun violence rate in the country for 2011 with 1,220 gun murders. As one can see, guns clearly are a major danger to our society and have caused deaths that could’ve been stopped.How are guns so easily available? What are the laws that control guns?Gun laws in the United States regulate the sale and possession of firearms and ammunition.

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Laws vary from state to state and are independent of Federal laws.This variance could cause some discrepancy throughout our country. A Harvard Study titled “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide? Looks at figures for intentional deaths throughout continental Europe and compares them with the U.

S. To show that more gun control does not necessarily lead to lower death rates or violent crime. I find this quite hard to believe but it may come down to the different rules in Europe to the united States. Since the findings don’t clearly demonstrate that more gun laws may in fact increase death rates, the study says that no real conclusion can be drawn.The study showed that numbers for Eastern European gun ownership and the corresponding murder rates, it is readily apparent that less guns does not mean less death. In Russia, where the rate of gun ownership is 4,000 per 100,000 inhabitants, the murder rate was 20. 52 people per 100,000 in 2002.

That same year in Finland, where the rate of gun ownership is exceedingly higher–39,000 per 100,000–the murder rate was almost nil, at 1. I find this shocking and can’t understand how this is possible. It looks simple that the U. S. Should follow Rupee’s gun control ways, but let’s get to the history behind the U.S.

Gun control laws. The history of the United States’ gun control is vast and it all started when the right to bear and arm was ratified in the constitution. Not until 1837 was he right to bear an arm questioned when Georgia passed a law banning handguns, but this was ruled as unconstitutional. The first law that put a restriction on guns was The Federal Firearms Act of 138. This law put limitations on selling ordinary firearms. It also required people selling guns to obtain a Federal Firearm License, keep records of who they sold guns to, and made it illegal to sell guns to convicts.The Gun Control Act of 1968 regulates the seller and makes sure his or her records are correct.

This law also expands on the people not able to own guns, such as illegal drug users or the mentally handicapped. After a massacre in Stockton, California where 5 kids were killed in a playground, California bans the possession of semi-automatic assault weapons. The whole country took this to a next level and with The Crime Control Act of 1990, manufacturing and importing semi-automatic assault weapons became illegal in the U. S.

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act imposed a 5 day waiting period on the purchase of a handgun and required that local law enforcement agencies conduct background checks on buyers of handguns. The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1 994 banned manufacturing, possessing, importing, or selling of a specific umber of assault weapons that are very dangerous. In the 1 997 case of Prints v. United States, the Supreme Court rules that debarkation check requirement of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act unconstitutional.The Florida Supreme Court upheld a jury’s $11.

Million verdict against Smart for selling a gun to an intoxicated man who used the gun to shoot his girlfriend. Due to this, many major American gun companies voluntary include child locks on all new guns manufactured. In 1998, trigger lock mechanisms required on all guns in The United States was defeated as an amendment.However, the Senate approved an amendment requiring gun impasses to have trigger locks available for sale and created federal grants for gun safety and education programs. On November 30, 1998, permanent provisions of the Brady Act go into effect and The National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICE) is created.

Gun dealers are now required to initiate a pre-sale criminal background check of all gun buyers through this computer system. On May 20, 1999, the Senate passed a bill requiring trigger locks on all newly manufactured handguns and extended the waiting period and background check requirements to sales of firearms at gun shows. This bill rarely passed with the tie breaker coming down to Vice President Ale Gore. The bill shows how many grey areas there are in gun control and that it is quite controversial.As one can see there is quite a lot of history to guns In our country, but the main question is what are the roles of the government and states? Gun laws in the United States regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition. Gun laws are a little confusing because they vary from state to state and are independent of some federal laws. Firearms owners’ guns are subject to the state they are in and not the state they reside from.

There is coprolite between some states. For example, Oregon recognizes an Idaho gun permit, but Idaho doesn’t recognize an Oregon permit.Some states don’t recognize out of state permits at all, so one must be careful when traveling to different states with firearms.

Some states place additional restrictions on certain semi-automatic firearms that they have defied Ned as assault weapons, or on magazines that can hold more than a certain number of rounds of ammunition. There is no federal law prohibiting the carry Of firearms by people for protection or other lawful purposes, with limited exception in the Federal Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990. Basically the state law already do everything the federal government requires and therefore doesn’t really have any specific laws.Now to the numbers of gun control and why more of it would help our government and lower our murders. Following the passage of stricter laws, Australian gun deaths have dropped by two-thirds. The mass murder in Newton, Connecticut a year ago caused shock and sorrow all around the world. In Australia it also revived memories of their own horror on a similar scale, when dozens of people innocently going about their day were gunned down by a disturbed young man. This tragedy occurred in 1 996 at he Port Arthur historic site in Tasmania, one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.

The number of people that died was 35, with more than 20 others injured from the shooting. The victims ranged in age from 3 to 72. They included children, teens, adults and seniors; tourists and local workers; several couples, a pair of brothers, a mother and her two little daughters, and members of a retirees’ club on an outing. This was not the first shooting massacre Australia had suffered, but it was the largest in living memory. The tragedy ignited an explosion of public outrage, soul-searching and demands for better regulation of guns. Laws became stricter On guns and drastically changed.

As a result, gun deaths in Australia have dropped by two-thirds, and never had another mass shooting. Every country is unique, but Australia is more similar to the US. In Australia, there is a frontier history and a strong gun culture, similar to the U. S.

Each state and territory has its own gun laws, and in 1996 these varied widely between the jurisdictions. At that time Australia’s firearm mortality rate per population was 2. 6/100, 000, about h of the rate of the U. S. , according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the IIS Center for Disease Control.Today the rate is under 1/1 00,000 less than 1110 of the U. S. Rate.

Those figures refer to all gun deaths: homicide, suicide and unintentional. If we focus on gun homicide rates, the US outstrips Australia go-fold. The 1996 reforms made gun laws stronger and uniform across Australia. Semi-automatic rifles were prohibited and the world’s biggest buyback saw nearly 700,000 guns removed from circulation and destroyed. The licensing and registration systems of all states and territories were harmonize and linked, so that a person barred from owning guns in one state can no longer acquire them in another.With clear, defined gun laws, as demonstrated from the above information on the Australian Gun control laws, the US can again become a safe place to live. Federal laws must override state laws, and state laws must be consistent across the land, and information must be unified throughout states. With consistent laws, unified regulation and licensing and banning of semi-automatic rifles we will have more control of monitoring people who own guns.

Holding sellers of guns accountable, by keeping their records accurate and having background checks completed and mandatory waiting periods throughout the land.We must demand these changes to be made through our congress, only then Will the United States be the country we can call our country the land of free and the home of the brave. We cannot let another mass shooting occur, we cannot let more innocent people die we must be as passionate about gun control as we are about our right to bear arms. America’s frontier history and strong gun culture must align with today’s culture. Guns are part of the American culture and in no way should be totally banned, but we must bring the laws current with today’s culture and society.Guns should continue to be seed for hunting and sport, but there is no need in today’s society for semi- automatic weapons, or the illegal purchase of weapons. We have the right to bear arms, but with a culture and society much different than when our founding fathers created the constitution, we now must align gun control to accommodate a more sophisticated culture with clearly defined laws consistent throughout the land. All gun sales are subject to screening (universal background checks), which means you cannot buy a gun over the internet or at a garage sale.

Gun ownership requires a license, and every sale is subject to a 28-day waiting erred. The licensing process considers not only the applicant’s age and criminal convictions, but also a range of other factors relevant to possession of a product that is (a) designed for killing and (b) highly coveted by people who should not have it. Relevant factors include the applicant’s living circumstances, mental and physical health, restraining orders or other encounters with the law, type of gun desired and for what purpose, safety training, storage arrangements, and the public interest.

Police make whatever inquiries they think necessary to inform the decision on whether (or under hat conditions) the license should be granted. This can include checking with neighborhood police, the family doctor and especially spouses or partners. There are many red flags that do not appear in an automated computer record of criminal convictions: substance abuse, mental instability, conflict at home or at work, to name a few.

Another risk factor is whether granting the license might make guns accessible to another household member whose own circumstances would disqualify them from a license -? for example, a depressed teenager or a person with criminal convictions. The greening process serves to block dangerous or irresponsible candidates, but also underscores for applicants and their families that bringing home a gun is a serious decision which affects the entire household, and indeed the entire community.Many applicants abandon their request during the waiting period – dissuaded by family members, or simply because the momentary enthusiasm for gun ownership passes. Australia also requires a justifiable reason for the type of weapon the applicant wants to own. If you say you plan to hunt rabbits, your license doesn’t allow you to a high-powered rifle. And if o already have a couple of guns suitable for hunting rabbits, it becomes increasingly difficult to justify acquiring more. This is a measure against the accumulation of private arsenals.

A significant legal and cultural difference between our two countries: Australia doesn’t accept anticipation of killing another person (self-defense) as a reason for owning a gun. To qualify for a handgun license, you must belong to and regularly attend a target shooting club. An important feature of a license is that it must be renewed every few years, and it can be cancelled or suspended if the bearer no longer meets the tankard required – for example, due to domestic violence or a dangerous mental condition. Australia didn’t ban guns.Hunting and shooting are still thriving. But by adopting laws that give priority to public safety, we have saved thousands of lives.

Gun control laws in the US are confusing and vary from state to state and are layered with federal Legislations including Background check “loopholes”, some states do not require reporting missing firearms, concealed carry laws are where more states are alike, many gun laws are subject to local discretion, Gun regulation can be incredibly specific, Some states prohibit registration of firearms,

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Reformation May Not be Necessary In the political realm, weapons are a huge controversial topic, guns in particular. The Sullivan Act, was the first piece toward gun reformation and was passed in 1911 for New York State. The law required anyone who carried a small firearm to have a permit.

This piece of legislation is still in effect today. In the sass’s, there were a series of important political assassination’s including, President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jar. , and Senator Robert Kennedy (Gun Control Reform).

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Politicians feel that they can change the world with legislation. For example, in 2001, after the September 1 lath attacks President George Bush pushed through a series of acts which allowed for the government to put taps into our phones, computers and other electronic devices. The passing of this act is an infringement on the First Amendment. The act is a violates our freedom of speech. The acts were presented to the United States citizens as a way to prevent terrorism. Well in the ass’s the killings of important political figures lead to the Gun Control Act of 1968.The act imposed the sales of firearms, forced dealers to keep more stringent records, also sales across state lines were forbidden.

Lee Harvey Oswald purchased his rifle, that he used to murder president John F. Kennedy, through the mail. As a direct result, the Gun Control Act also banned the sale of shotguns and rifles threw the mail. This law is perfectly fine because a weapon should be purchased at a store so a valid background check could be run.

Other laws that prohibit the use of automatic weapons, hand grenades, rockets etc. Re suitable. There is not a regular American out there that needs a AK-47 or a hand grenade to defend his homestead. In 1993, Bill Clinton approved the Brady Bill. This law placed a involuntary five day dating period for any purchase of a firearm.

A law such a the Brady Bill is ridiculous. There is no need for such an extensive background check, it should take a couple of hours maximum. What American citizens need to realize, guns don’t kill people, people do. Every year on average 28,000 people perish due to gunshot wounds (Gun Ownership 19).

Now of those 28,000, how many of them were shot without someone else behind the trigger? It’s nearly impossible for any gun to fire without someone commanding it to. It’s impossible for a gun to misfire or go off by itself. But, the likelihood of someone eating shot by a gun laying in a drawer, loaded, and standing in the line of the bullet is very highly unlikely. There could also be instances where the person is unaware that the gun is loaded. Well if you were to take a hunter’s safety class, one of the first things they will tell you is to “treat every gun as if it were loaded”.

It should be strongly recommended for anyone to purchase a gun to have taken a Hunter’s Safety Class or to be enrolled in one. As of 2000, there were 951 firearms per 1,000 United States citizens (Gun Ownership 15). I could almost bet that not even half of that umber even has taken a Hunter’s Safety Class.

Well if everyone were to take one regardless if they hunt or not the occurrences of these rare accidents would never happen. First, you would learn never to store a gun loaded. Second, you would learn to treat every gun as if were loaded.Third, when you pick up a gun check to see if it is Loyola I Nils Is a Telesales system, IT you nave a Tautly part In your gun It snouts snoot while its in storage because theoretical it should never be loaded. If someone is playing around with a gun pointing it at his friends and it misfires due to a bad part it’s his fault and if his friend dies it’s murder. All of these instances wrap back around to the three basic rules of firearms, if you take the class and follow the rules there should be reason why your gun should go off.But, if for some reason you don’t follow the basic rules and you do get injured or killed, in my opinion you deserve what happened to you. Advocates of more lax gun reformation argue along the lines of the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment states “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” (Gun Ownership 53). The problem with the amendment is what does its implied meaning mean? Does it mean for an individual’s right to bear arms or for the collective unit, like the marines.The basis for the controversy is in the word “arms”. The Founding Fathers basis for this amendment was because they were afraid of becoming what they previously were (England). Not to mention the first army were called The Minuteman. All the Minuteman were regular people that were ready to assemble to take on the British. If the British would have imposed upon the loonies rights to have a firearm, we would not be standing here discussing gun control.

The fact is that our nation was founded on the right to possess a firearm and anything imposing that right should be deemed unconstitutional.Supporters for gun control reform sometimes choose to take the stance that today’s times vastly differ from 300 hundred years ago. The Question I ask is “How do they differ? ” The Advocates argue that you don’t need a gun. That statement is false! Just because technology and modernization has changed how we live doesn’t mean there are still people that hunt game for there source of meat. There are many people that still choose to live off of the land.

People ask why? But, the real question is why not? When you go to the grocery store to by your hamburger for the week you can pay anywhere from $1. 9 to $5. 99 a pound. Well some people choose to bypass the extreme and continually rising cost. In Missouri, the cost of the average deer tag is around 30 to 40 dollars.

Even if you Just get one deer your talking at least 100 pounds of pure meat. But, that meat is 100% hormone free! Everything that deer ate was natural, so the meat is better for you than any meat you could ever dream of archiving at the store. The more important aspect is the cost 30 bucks for the tag itself, 20 bucks in gas, and three dollars for ammunition.That adds up to 53 dollars for 100 pounds of meat. Now compare the average meat at the grocery store that sits around 3. 50 a pound.

For the equivalent amount of meat, not the quality, would cost you 350 dollars! Your talking 300 dollars more for something that isn’t even of the same quality. Also, since the deer ate local plants and flowers, the same ones that could flare up allegories, it should help relieve the seasonal allergies some people suffer threw. In many different states there are deer donation locations.These locations are for hunters who either harvested to many deer or would Just simply like to donate the carcass. In 2010, Missouri alone donated over 300,000 pounds of venison to families in need (mad). Even tongue ten majority AT people don’t go out Ana aunt Tort tenet source AT meat, there are millions of people that shoot guns as a sport. T Something that is more relevant is “During the 20th century, totalitarian and authoritarian regimes have used gun registration records and other nearness to confiscate firearms from those who eight otherwise Jeopardize their rule” (Gun Ownership 69).

If we were to elect a corrupt that was able to pass a series of laws that allowed him to monitor the activity of gun distribution, that he could decide which ones were a threat to “democracy’. Once this official chooses which group is a threat to his power all he would have to do is go confiscate the weapons under the suspicion that “crimes would be committed. ” Later on, that leader could send back those same troops, probably armed with the same guns they stole, to round up those people and send them to a camp.This camp would be in such a barren environment that if one were to escape they would die. Once the prisoners were there, they would be starved to death, and forced to dig these huge holes where there they would be later murdered. Then we would a Nazi Germany sitting right at our front doorstep.

All of this would happen because an unarmed individual, is a defenseless individual. People lobby that if there were law that prohibited gun there would be no murders. Well that seem logical, but what about stopping the black market. Millions of dollars flow seemingly underground with no trace.Wicked a criminal wanting to murder somebody really go threw the charades at a gun store? Well the answer is no! If a criminal wanted to murder somebody they will go purchase a gun from a friend or simply steal one. What’s to loose for them if they go threw with the act? They have nothing, criminals are ruthless and only care about themselves. For the average Americans Gun Control is the least of their worries, but for some it could flip how they live their world.

Gun Control laws shouldn’t be so lax as to where a felon or murderer could walk into Bass Pro Shops and purchase a rifle.

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