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Digital signatures are encrypted messages that can be mathematically proven authentic. True False Question 6 Where is information most vulnerable? When it is outside the organization’s systems When it is inside the organ conation’s systems When it is being saved on a backup tape inside the organization’s systems When it is being saved to a Microsoft product inside the organization’s systems Question 7In modulo 26, what happens if a number is larger than 26? Twenty-six is sequentially subtracted from it until the number is in the proper range. Answers: The result is 26.

An error occurs and the operation stops. Range. Twenty-six is repeatedly divided into the original number until the remainder is in the proper range. Question 8 Encryption methodologies that require the same secret key to encipher and decipher the message are using encryption or symmetric encryption.

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Private key public key monolithically monolithic Question 9 Which cipher is made from a table of 26 distinct cipher alphabets?Vignette Square Vernal Polytheistic substitution Vixenre Square Caesar Question 10 Bit stream methods commonly use algorithm functions like the XEROX operation us absolution transposition permutation Question 11 When it comes to cryptograms, the security of encrypted data is dependent on keeping the encrypting algorithm secret. Question 12 The XEROX encryption method should be used by itself when an organ action is transmitting or storing sensitive data. Question 13 When deploying ciphers, users have to decide on the corroboratively or key.

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