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 Growthand Performance:Inthe year 2016 HBL showed an increase in the profit rates in the after-tax with3%. To have a better look this growth of the bank performance, comparing tolast year level profit – regardless the unstable gas and oil prices and thechanging environment in Oman and the region.

Bank Habib also distributed almostRs 15/ cut as cash bonus, at the end of 2015.Thebalance sheet of Bank Habib Limited has highly grown and enhanced. The sheer sizeand the balance rates of HBL`s quality ah also increased as no other Asian bankin Oman. Comparing to 2015 HBL now vaunts with the balance rates more than ahuge Rs 2.6 trillion, which shows a 14% growth.      Thedeposits of the bank rose by an unexpected rate, 15% more than the previousyear, due to HBL`s obligation managers` efficient job. In addition to the huge amountof deposit, making such big growth is a great exploit, and which makes the baseof deposit nearly Rs 2 trillion, which reflects in the branches across theworld. The head office in Oman states a profit increase touching distance of9%.

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Betterstill, current account was where this increase is noticeable as most, whichincreased by more than 15% over the end of 2015 and now they represent about37% of the whole deposits. Despite the low grow and sometimes the decreasing ofthe top line growth, Bank Habib`s CASA strongly stayed working, this shows fromthe 5% increase from year to year in net pointing out income, and even thepaychecks of the deposits kept decreasing for a long while. Abig growth was noticed in advance, on the asset front, and that was after along time, the growth recorded as 17% over the end the year 2015.Habib Bank`s assetportfolio, had more advances more than investments, and that was a positivechange. The bank`s management strategy puts this profit down to enhancedeconomic environment.

Investmentskeep being the preferred asset path, on the asset front, changes of investmentsas asset front are rarely witnessed.70% is the percentage the IDR of Banks Habibreaches, and meanwhile ADR barely reaches 40%. In the near term, advances mustkeep overtaking investments, in cases of recent drifts a are any director. Thisway business would be more reasonable, since the crops on PIBs and funds billare currently near as rewarding as they were once.Thenon-centralized income keeps to well support the low growing sections, asrecord development was seen in Bancassurance and speculation keeping moneyrelated salary. The non-increase wage may well have fallen fundamentallyyear-on-year, and naturally in this way, as pick up on special of securitiesdescended slamming – as most banks had liquidated out the advantages before.Bank Habib has generally kept a beware of authoritative costs, and has had acost salary proportion to be desirous of. Be that as it may, the yearendauthoritative costs give off an impression of being on the higher side.

Thathas all the earmarks of being the main blip in a generally excellent benefitand misfortune proclamation. HBL’sdisease proportion slipped to single digits without precedent for a long time.This talks volume of the consistently enhancing resource quality andjudiciousness. With monetary conditions recuperating, and consistentlyenhancing organization markers, HBL appears to be all around ready to assemblehigher benefits as the time of record low loan costs may well be behind us.Thisis a statistic show the bank`s the company`s account growth: 2016 2015 2014 Rs (mn) 740,582 639,394 594,690 Advanced 1,324,850 1,296,493 926,495 Investments 1,856,295 1,684,496 1,593,499 Deposits 2,358,796 2,067,466 1,693,587 Total Assets 196,345 182,673 169,576 Total Equity   . https://fp.                      SWOT analysis of Habib Bank Limited Strength, weakness, opportunities and threatsof Habib Bank Limited, this kind of analysis plays a critical role for managersto run the company and absorbent the strength, know how deal and disabling theweaknesses, take advantage of the evolving market opportunities, and inventstrategies and way to effectively overcome the threats and eventually turningthem to strengths for the Bank.Strengths: HBL is the oldest and the onehaving the most experience, it is the only Pakistani bank, and one of thebiggest Asian banks in Oman. Habib bank was not as old as the other banks inOman, but it was able to come across the competition of the banking regionalmarket. The bank`s managers tend to concentrate on client banking instead ofthe product concerned with banking. The bank offers products and services thatare designed especially to customers with individual needs.

 HBL`s products also play an important role asa strength. Habib Banks branches in Oman offers diverse products to match all customers’needs. This gives the customer the option of choosing the product that suitsits needs and field the customer wants to investment, whether he was anemployee with salary or trader. The largest private bank in Pakistan is Bank Habiblimited, expanding its growth in Oman gives the Pakistanis in Oman and theOmani investors in Pakistan a huge amount of services and facilities. Thenetwork of the bank is large it has largest number of branches in Pakistan betweenthe private banks, and it has 8 branches across the sultanate.

Weaknesses:  The communication between the bank andcustomers about the terms and conditions services and products is weak,especially that the rules vary from Oman to Pakistan. The routine of thebanking job is boring by nature, this may make employees not enthusiastic towork. The online services do not offer all what the customer needs, many treatmentsrequire the customer to physically attend the branch. The ATM machines of HBL arenot widely available in Oman, specially out of Muscat, this make the forced touse another`s company`s ATM machine. Many technological advanced services arestill not available, the bank still uses some traditional ways which slow upthe operations. Feedback of customers is missed, HBL in Oman is need of thosefeedbacks to develop and enhance its performance.

As mentioned before the banklack the modern technology in some sections which leads to poor IT runningsystem.Opportunities: Due to features of the bank andhigh development it is witnessing, the bank is gaining a huge amount ofinvestments by foreigners, which gives the bank better potential for development.What also gives the bank bonus in attracting customers and investors, is the Islamicsystem it uses which is raising market. Oman`s advanced technological gate andthe working plans for Habib bank to develop its E-banking systems gives new andhuge opportunities to bank. The return of deposit is a service that, attractscustomers, HBL increases its deposits by offering such facilities.

HBL hasfocused lately in advertisement to show the products it offers. Threats: The staff of HBL lacks training andexperience this is more obvious at managerial and officer levels. The competitionbetween the banks is rough in the banking market, especially by internationalbanks. Other international banks offer good deals and services to theirclients. The high decrease in the prices of gas and oil, leads to changes inthe Omani currency. https://www. bank desires to produce services in high quality to itscustomers with an affordable fee, this can be achieved through applyingstrategies and conditions to accomplish competitive advantage. The bank will getmore clients and investments, or suffer from growth increasing due toconditions it provides. The customers services, quality of the products offered,after financing treatments and current account facilities, are all factors thatinfluence the competitive advantages of as good services with low prices, vianot exchanging currency since Oman and Pakistan exchange investments.Bank Habib`s Oman comparative advantage vary from form the onesapplied and followed in Pakistan, USA for example, because the advantages aregenerated form the market environment. HBL Oman desires to be the rationalcustomer choice, to unsure its continuation and satisfaction.

when the effects of comparative advantage are moderatelycounterbalance by flawed replacements, higher limitations for the most reducedcost makers will in the long run advantage investors through prevalent returnsor furnish the bank with more assets for marketing. innovative work or authoritative foundation upgradesto help future development.Comparative advantage canbe gotten from economies of scale, more effective inward frameworks, area ingeologies with low work or low property costs. These don’t generally suggestthe bank can create a superior item or administration, but instead they canoffer services or products at a lower cost.

With regards to worldwide exchangefinancial matters, relative points of interest are controlled by circumstancecost, and any part has comparative advantage at something. HBL has concentrated lately on developing the E-banking onlineservices and take advantage of that as comparative advantage. The internetbusiness stage, its merchant relationship and its transportation organize givea level of scale and effectiveness that is troublesome for retail contenders torecreate.

Manufacturing processes: Likewise, with past monetary downturns a few CEO`s havemultiplied down on fetched decrease to secure edges. Sadly, past endeavors tostreamline through reshaping and outsourcing may have disposed of aconsiderable lot of the clearer chances to lessen cost. In the meantime,proceeded with customer disappointment is constraining brokers to rethink theirway to deal with benefit levels. The coming yearwill probably observe expanded endeavors around the advancement, streamlined andreliable procedures, and improvement of preparing and pay to strengthenappropriate deals practices.

Protectionof asset: As the ramifications of the entry of many Omani companies and itschaperon concentrate on bank wellbeing and soundness turn out to be all the clearer,banks will probably hope to move to consistence as the ordinary businessaction, as opposed to as a progression of segregated administrative reactions.Generally, Bank Habib will keep on improving its hazard administrationcapacities. One region that seems, by all accounts, to be expanding insignificance is the requirement for more viable administration of innovationbased hazard, regardless of whether in view of maturing heritage frameworks ordeveloping digital dangers. Bank innovation and business pioneers ought tothink about making a move to secure the operational steadiness of their workingstages notwithstanding these dangers.

Deliverytransformation: Mobile servicescontinue to grow and it is expected to expand in the next few years, HBL Omandevelopers, release an app for the bank client. The orientation of the bigcompanies on this mobile network services, especially the companies concernedwith technology, such steps could lead many services with cooperating the bankbranches in Oman.  Banks may consideran increase in the level of investment in mobile payments.Mobile payments savetime to the clients and make the managing operations easier for the bankemployees.  This underscores therequirement for industrialization examined above, as the establishment forconveyance change is found in the essential push to legitimize and streamlinebanks’ general innovation framework to better help the sorts of front-officecomputerized administrations that their clients are requesting from them.

 Return on capital:HBL Oman asmentioned earlier, in the strategies of assessment spent a lot of time toacquire assets, to enter the market and compete with other international banksin Oman. This is so important because the bound of divestitures andacquisitioned funds are going to determine the competition boundaries. Areas ofstrength is where the HBL Oman is probably seeking development opportunitiestogether with operational changes. At the point when the economy enhances, thecorporate and institutional markets may give some chance to income development,and it will be up to each bank to figure out where their focused qualities lie.         HBL Oman is totally devoted and deals with the corporatesocial responsibility concept, many activities is included to achieve theconcept goals: HBL, with its Vision of empowering individuals to progresswith certainty and achievement and an expect to enhancing lives.

has dependablybeen a socially mindful association As the biggest budgetary establishment inthe nation, Hal’s CSR exercises depend on endeavors to Integrate capablepractices. items and administrations Into its center business exercises HBL ‘isfocused on dependable Environment. Social and Governance (ESG) practices andthis year was perceived as the Best Bank in Pakistan around there by theInstitute of Bankers Pakistan HBL has additionally kept up close take afterupon ESG exercises in Thar where HBL is a dynamic speculator and worked withthe Amir Khan Trust to give clean drinking water through the d g ng of wells inthe Thar zone.HBL is focused on satisfying Its part as a dependablecorporate native through Its help for altruistic causes that advanceinstruction. wellbeing and group welfare The HBI.

Establishment was set up in2009 to advance the improvement and prosperity of the underprivileged. What’smore, Improve their personal satisfaction The Bank contributes 1% of Itsbenefits yearly to the HBL Foundation in Its undertaking to advance a morepopulist society During 2016. the Bank gave Rs 380 million.

both to the HBLFoundation and furthermore straightforwardly to meriting causes.In 2016, the HBL. Foundation gave Rs 144 Million to fortifythe gift assets of 14 Government and NCO-run hospitals and clinics all aroundthe country over The Foundation likewise worked together with the Mane AdelaideLeprosy Center, Karachi to lead 5 eye surgical camps In Balochistan and gavemoney related help to the Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation for the buy of 20 vastambulances, HBL has made a few strides in making restorative administrationsall the more easily open In far flung territories, collaborating With theShahid Afridi Foundation to help set up a maternity clinic for women in remoteregions of KPK.The Bank likewise firmly has confidence in advancingeducation and In 2016, the Foundation has given money related help of Rs 104million to 21 instructive organizations all through Pakistan This incorporatesHBL Platinum Scholarships which were built up as a feature of HBL’s 75thcommemoration exercises. by contributing Rs 5 million each towards theenrichment assets of 15 advanced education foundations the nation overnotwithstanding settled schools and colleges.

the Foundation had worn redInstitutions giving specialized preparing and females’ education. HBL hasdependably been related with the advancement of athletic activities at theprimary basic level. In encouragement of this. HBL banded together With theAzad Foundation to help elevate road youngsters through their engagement withsports by advancing them at a worldwide level.

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