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Group Therapy For People With PTSD The data provided by National Center for PTSD suggests that throughout their lifetime, roughly 8% or men and 20% of women will go on to develop PTSD, and some 30% of that number will develop chronic form. The best way to diagnose PTSD is to use both questionnaires and structured interviews, such multi method approach allows to lessen any chances of denial or exaggeration of symptoms. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder usually develops after a person has been exposed to a traumatic event in which the fear for his physical well being and well being of others as well as helplessness and horror were present.

The person affected may often re-experience the event and avoid stimuli which he or she associates with this traumatic experience. Person affected might experience such symptoms as insomnia, irritability, difficulty concentrating, hyper vigilance and exaggerated startle response#. PTSD is associated with an increased likelihood of developing some psychiatric disorders such as conduct disorders, major depressive episodes, alcohol and drug abuse and dependence. There is no cure for PTSD, but various treatments are used including psychotherapies, such as cognitive-behavior therapies, exposure therapies and group therapies, and drug treatments.

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