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Green, Just Do It Some people might hear the term “Going Green” and think of some big green monster running around destroying buildings. But really all it meaner is conserving energy and in the end help make the world a better place. This term “Going Green” is used a lot in today’s society, but rarely do you ever see people doing anything to help and going green isn’t as difficult as it seems. But if nothing is done now the future of Earth will be dramatically affected by it. Not many people realize it but many things can be done to help such as recycling, turning off electronics after their done being seed, and even driving a CEO/hybrid car.Simple things such as this in the end will make our planet a better place. People never really think about the difference of throwing paper, plastic or even metal into the regular trash can instead of the recycling bin. Simply taking that extra step to put it into the right container can make a huge difference.

The biggest thing to look at would be a newspaper. Think of all the newspaper that are printed every day and how many of those are Just taken out of the plastic and tossed into the trash. If all that paper was to be recycled instead of thrown away in the end it would help eave trees from being cut down.Trees provide oxygen and other chemicals to the atmosphere. So by cutting more trees down it creates a greenhouse effect on the earth which will eventually destroy our atmosphere. Even with plastic recycling it can make the biggest difference.

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Instead of things having to be made from raw materials, recycling plastic can save the environment from a lot of harm. Ultimately by not simply placing paper, plastic, or metal in the recycle bins society is setting the future generations up to have a terrible atmosphere.With the technology there is today something has to constantly keep these things ordered.

Where does that power come from? Energy is constantly being used by society and with that comes consequences. A major issue in today’s world is batteries and even though there has been steps made to help the issue it is still there. For a long time batteries have been made with terrible chemicals and once they are done being used there thrown away. All the chemicals inside batteries have to go somewhere and more often than not those chemicals end up polluting the environment.Using rechargeable batteries saves the environment from harmful pollution and it helps save people money. Another way to go green and help the world is by turning off electronics when they aren’t being used.

In today’s world everything that society has is a huge energy sucker. From TV’s, to lights, even down to leaving a computer monitor on all these things require energy. So when people leave their houses even if it may not seem like its making that big of a difference turning of electronics helps save money and conserve energy.The way society is today the best way to get somewhere is to drive. It’s the most convenient way for people to get where there trying to go. But unfortunately it takes a tot more than a motor to run a car. To help power a car it takes gas sometimes diesel. Cars in the past didn’t have the best gas mileage.

Well like batteries and the chemicals they release into the environment after being thrown away, cars are the I Nils meant Tanat ten more a car was/l’s Arleen ten more gas I t Turns. A same way. As that and chemicals that a car releases has nowhere else to go except into the air. In return this causes a greenhouse affect which will eventually lead to Earth not having an atmosphere. In society today many steps are being made to try and conserve as much energy as possible. An CEO friendly car is a great place to start. These cars are able to drive a lot greater distances compared to an SUB or truck mainly because the engines are built to run off of solar power and gasoline.Making a car that runs off solar power is great because instead of it driving around burning gas and releasing it into the atmosphere, it’s running off a natural energy source.

Many People every day make the switch from living a non-green life to living a life that society would call going green. A lot of the things that they would do or purchase before going green would be more expensive. At first when making the switch it will sot more money having to replace regular house hold items with energy efficient items.But in the end people will see once they make the switch that they end up saving more money compared to people who don’t live a “green” lifestyle When someone says “Going Green” it may sound like some big monster destroying everything in its path but in reality it’s the opposite. Going green is something simple that isn’t that hard of a thing to accomplish.

In the end Earth could be left in a lot better shape by Just doing things such as recycling, turning off electronics, and driving an CEO-friendly car even if it doesn’t seem like it’s that big of deal.

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