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Greece is one of the finest island in the world, It’s located in Europe it covers 130,647 square kilometers of land and 1,310 square kilometers of water. Greece is the 97th largest nation in the world and became the state independent in 1829.  In Greece culture  they use olive oil which is produced from the olive trees , wheat, and fish that is rarely eaten and being more common also the tradition with the wine that they drank  from. Greece cuisine has been in the culinary tradition as well for 4,000 years and it’s apart of the Greece history and the culture as well. One of their popular dishes are meat and fish, that is one of the common greek dish. Another popular dish is roasted meat sliced on a turning spit with sauces like tzatziki or garnishes (onions or tomato with pita bread. The meat that they also include in their dishes are lamb, poultry, rabbit and pork.But on special occasions  the greek women like to switch the ingredients up and add olives, cheese, eggplant , zucchini , lemon juice , vegetable , herbs(oregano)  and yoghurt. Greek cooking is amazing  the greek recipes have existed for thousands of years but some way they always creates different flavors and make them better than before. The greek wine was an very old ancient tradition and they still spread it around because it’s plays a big part in their culture. When greek people cook their finest dishes they use oregano, bay leaves , basil and dill. The way they make their cheese is very different actually when  they make cheese they add all types of other cheeses, which is Kasseri, Kefalotyri, Graviera, etc. When it comes to cheese everyone in greece have too have some or make some of their own, no one loves cheese  move then the greek’s.   When you are eating greek food it’s not like any other restaurant where they just rush and make mistakes when you go to a greek restaurant they take their time and engage in discussions and spent time with their guss. The greek customs are also a tradition in greece, the island is religious the nature of it and the holidays. The most celebrated holiday in greece is Easter that is the most important holiday on the island. The ancient Greek’s believes that early christians used eggs as symbolizes of the resurrection of the rebirth of all the believers, orthodox customs are to dye easter eggs in deep red color.  The red color represents life,victory and the blood of Jesus Christ, the greeks call easter the “Holy Thursday”. The second holiday that is celebrated on greece is christmas, now christmas is little bit like different on greece. Greeks have their own version of Santa Claus, they call their santa “Saint Vasilis”. Also Saint Vasilis bring gifts to kids on New Year’s Eve instead of christmas eve, in english vasilis is St Basil. In ancient greek the story of  St Vasilis started of by him being a wonderful kind hearted man whom was bishop in caesarea, he was tall and thin with a black beard and had penetrating black eyes. St Vasilis past on January 1st 379 AD, the greeks celebrates his memory every 1st of January. So that is why St vasilis brings gifts on New year’s eve and not christmas eve. Since then the the children and the adults bring in the new year with their family’s and St Vasilis leaves the gifts under the christmas tree.   On Greece there are parties, but the one party everyone loves are wedding ceremony. The traditional weddings are magical,but they also play another big part in in the culture and customs. In a traditional greek wedding  the bride get’s spit on for good luck and good wishes, also during the ceremony the couple take their first steps as husband and wife with a ribbon on their heads. Also the groom get to wear the crown for their ceremony, majority of all the greeks get married in the greek orthodox. When an engagement is happening the greek male goes and ask his girlfriend father for his hand in marriage, once he give his blessing the engagement will continue on to the next step which is marriage. On the big day the groom and bride are no longer in together for that day, the friends and family helps both of them get ready for their big day. At the orthodox the couple will exchange vows before they enter the building and then the priest blesses the rings twice, once they passed step one and two they will walk around the altar. When a greek female have a baby the baptism the young one, in order for the traditional baptism to work then have to wrap the baby in white towel and is immersed three times in holy water. After wrapping the newborn and pouring holy water over the baby’s body the priest give the new born a gold cross necklace to put around him/ her neck and to not take it off. Once the mother and father pick out the baby godparents which will have to be the best man of the groom and the maid of honor of the bride, from their wedding. The guests will  throw rice at the baby and the godparents, then after that it’s a traditional celebration at a family member’s home.    Everything a greek does is religious or a traditional  in nature. The most wonderful and beautiful country on earth is Greece.

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