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Graphic design Is here, it’s there, it’s everywhere. We as humans can’t get away from it.

Design is part of our everyday lives if we like it or not. Humans highly depend on design to help us figure out the world. It’s also a tool used to lighten up the world; without it, our world would be boring and colorless. The ultimate designer is our creator and we as designers get our inspirations from his creation.

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If you look around you, you’ll see design everywhere. It’s such a big part of our lives. Without design, we wouldn’t understand our world as much as we do now. Count up all the design you see located in your area. I can guarantee you’ve found more than you thought you would. If you start to think about it, you’ll realize how effective design can be used and how often it’s used. I challenge you to go out and just look at how much of our world is made up of design. You’ll be incredibly amazed by the amount of content and money is put into design.

Let’s admit it. Without design, our world would be plain and boring. Design lightens up the world and makes it comfortable for us to live.

That’s why a designer has so much power with his work because he or she can influence the world in a positive way creating something beautiful that can intern bring happiness or comfort into someone’s life, but if a designer doesn’t fulfill or create the design effectively it can bring negativity or hate towards the craft of graphic design. Designers have a big responsibility and it’s our job to complete the task effectively.Our creator is the best of the best when it comes to design. I try to reflect my work off of his work. When I’m creating something for the audience, I try to show God through my work. He is worthy of praise and as a Christian, if I can model after God’s design and exhibit it to the world than that brings me happiness.

You see if I can use design to promote Christ through my work and share the gospel at the same time than I’ve fulfilled an effective design.  Graphic design will always be there. It’s something that will never get old nor boring. It will continue through the ages and will be used constantly throughout our world.

If design will start to falter than our world will start to become boring and uninteresting. As a graphic designer I don’t just design for the audience, but most importantly, I design for my creator who created me to be creative just like him and I’d like to return the favor.

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