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Grant Review and Evaluation JLG BSHS452 November 25, 2013 Rebecca Sing The purpose of a nonprofit organization is to prepare grant proposals on the requirements, guidelines, and terms of eligibility set forth by funding agencies. In order to be eligible for grants, organizations must create a grant proposal that addresses important information that includes the agency’s organizational background, the new program’s goals and objectives, the need to be addressed in the community, the steps to be taken by the agency to address or fulfill those needs, mong other details that will have an impact in being selected to receive the requested funding.

Not being clear or outlining a roadmap of the program and what it seeks to achieve may be the difference between receiving or not receiving funding from a grantor. The We Care Foundation is a grant making nonprofit corporation that sets aside money to assist needed people through projects set all around the world. Its purpose is to “empower people in ministry with the needy in order to carry on works that aim to improve the quality of life, effect attitude changes in a positive way, nd changes structures that perpetuate unjust and inhuman conditions” (Chapter: Special Resource Section).

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The Cebola Early Childhood Center is one of the many projects that have submitted a grant proposal for review to the We Care Foundation. This is a project that addresses the negative impact that isolation and poverty has in children of Hispanic origin attending preschool in the remote mountain village of Cebola, New Mexico. The Cebola Early Childhood Center (CECC) was created by parents interested in addressing and improving the educational needs of their hildren attending school in that remote area of New Mexico.

The original funding came from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), which provided enough funding to build the facility and cover the cost of training for local women. Because these families live in such remote area, it is the main focus of the CECC to address the needs of this minority group by providing an educational foundation for these children who will help them deal with poverty, isolation and other issues associated with being part of a minority group living in a rural area. The CECC estimates a yearly udget of $100,000.

With the assistance of the We Care Foundation’s $5,000 grant, the cost-effective and feasible, taking into account the minimal resources they have as a project. Their objective and methods seem to be obtainable and well controlled. The two forms of evaluation make sense and will provide in-depth proof of how well the project is working. With their efforts of seeking future funding from state and county government agencies the CECC project has a chance to become a fully funding project in the upcoming years.

The budget is clear and simple to understand, making t very easy to see where the funds will be allocated in the future. This positive evaluation given to the CECC’s grant proposal will suggests that the We Care Center should approve funding for the CECC project. Doing so will have a huge positive impact on the services and programs the children and families in the mountains of Cebola will receive as well as in the future lives of the communitys children. References Carlson, M. (2002). Winning Grants: Step by Step (2nd ed. ). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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