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Grandparent’s are given the name “grand” because they are really grand.

According to the dictionary grand meaner wonderful or very pleasing. Some children are not as lucky as I to have my moms parent’s still around and a huge part of my life. Kids can learn from their grandparent’s history about themselves, new skills, and listening. I am nineteen years old and I still learn from them. My grandparent’s have a huge impact on my life. First a child can learn so many interesting new facts about where they came from.In fact I learned my great grandfather that I never got to meet was born in Greece.

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My granddad told me stories about him and my grandmother when they first met. My granny never knew how to speed Greek until he tough her and that’s where I learned how to speak it. Granny use to help me crawl up in the big rocking chair my grandfather made and show me tons of pictures.

I did not know that I was such a goof when I was younger. Most important my granny told me the story how I was amend.She is so proud to say IM her little name sake. Also I am proud to say that my grandparent’s tough me a lot of skills. Every holiday I get the Job to cool pita which is a Greek fell dish. Everyone claims I make it the best.

Once a month my grandmother and I would have a sewing project. We would work on them every evening after dinner. Most of the time they were Jumpsuits for me to wear. Finally I learned my master of listing from my grandparent’s.Faithfully everything ill the age of 9 my grandmother would read a book to me before bed. These books were special since she owned a printing Job and put my name in the books as characters. As time went on and I got older I would go to her about life situations, she was such a good listener.

My grandfather gave the best advice he always knew that I could succeed in life. Overall grandparent’s are a blessing to have. I would not be the women I am today without them teaching me, guiding me, and loving me.

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