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To prepare for the smear, I had all of the materials ready which was a glass slide, a slant tube culture which was B. Magnesium, inoculating loop, burner, water, clothes pins to hold the slide during staining, and the 4 liquids which were crystal violet, iodine, alcohol, and safaris. I started by labeling the slide so I knew which bacteria it was and which side the bacteria would be placed on.

I placed a drop of water on the slide, cleaned/sanitized the loop by placing it over the burner until it was completely red, then grabbed the slant culture.I let the loop cool down, waved the top of the tube over the burner, and gently scraped some of the culture with the loop. I then smeared the culture on the slide. I waited for the slide to air dry then heat fixed it b running it over the fire 3 times. Once the slide was heat fixed, it was time to do the stain.

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I put the slide overt the sink, put 3-4 drops of crystal violet on the slide, waited one minute then rinsed. Next, I put 3-4 drops of iodine on the slide, waiting one minute, then rinsed.Next, I put 3-4 drops of alcohol on the slide and stopped when the alcohol looked almost clear but not completely clear. Finally, I put 3-4 drops of safaris on the slide, waiting one minute, then rinsed. I then put the slide on the drying paper to dry the slide. When I placed the slide under the microscope, I started with the smallest lens, found the bacteria, then worked my way up to the third largest lens.

Once I found the bacteria, placed a drop of oil on the slide, then used the largest lenses which is the oil lenses.

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