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Good vs. Bad In the novel, A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens opens with an anaphora, about how the world is throughout the novel. A reoccurring theme throughout this story is the battle between good and evil. Most of the novel is about the struggles each force has and how most of the time good triumphs over evil. In A Tale of Two Cities, the triumph of love, the death of the Marquis, and the contrast between Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay shows how good triumphed over evil. Throughout the novel, the power of love triumphed over evil.

When Miss Pross fghts Madame Defarge to protect Lucie it shows Miss Pross’s love towards Lucie. Miss Pross is like a mother to Lucie and has been taking care of her for some time. Miss Pross struggles with Madame Defarge, and a shot is fired, and Madame Defarge is dead by her own pistol. Because of the loud shot Miss Pross became deaf Just to protect Lucie. Another example of how love triumphs in the novel is when Sydney Carton takes the place of Charles Darnay because Sydney Carton loves Lucie.

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If Darnay had died Lucie would ave been hurt and very heart-broken but since Carton looks like Darnay Carton intoxicates Darnay and takes his place at the Guillotine. Carton loves Lucie so much, and he realizes she would suffer without Darnay, so Carton sacrificed his own life to make Lucie happy. Lastly, the symbolism of Lucie Manette shows how good triumphs over evil. Because of Lucie’s love it saves her father, Dr. Manette, from a state of mental weakness. Lucie’s love brought Dr. Manette into the present, and he learns how to live independently.

Because of Lucie’s love she is symbolized as the golden thread. Lucie is the only person who could bring Dr. Manette back from a relapse if it ever happened again. Lucie’s personality shows how compassionate, thoughtful, and loving she is. Without love Darnay would be dead, Dr. Manette would still be mentally unstable, and Lucie would have also been dead, but because of the determination of someone that loves them they survived. The death of the Marquis is a triumph of good over evil. The Marquis is a wealthy ristocrat who runs a very cruel type of caste system in France and simply hates the peasants.

Plus he does not want to share his wealth with anyone Just like when a poor woman asks to have a little money to buy her husband a head stone he Just passes her like it is nothing. He shows no regard for human life and that is why he needs to die. He rides his carriage through the streets fast so he can see the peasants run and avoid being hit, and because he was doing this he ran over a child. He acted like the child’s life meant nothing and threw the father a few coins and kept oing.

The cruelty and evil he delivered would die with him, and for the good of the people in the town his death was an example how good triumphed over evil. Lastly, good did triumph over evil in Sydney Carton. Sydney Carton is a drunk who hates Darnay because if Carton was not a drunk he would have everything Darnay has, like the love of Lucie Manette. Carton is seen as the darkness because of the disparity he has and how low he has fallen. Whereas Darnay is seen as light or the good guy due to how his life is going. In the end when Sydney gives up his life for

Darnay it shows how Sydney is transferring from being sad and dark. His selfless act happy. The triumph of love, the death of Madame Defarege, and the triumph of Charles Darnay in trial shows how good triumphed over evil. The theme of good vs. evil was the most prominent and well supported themes in this novel. The fate of many characters depended on this theme of good vs. evil, like the survival of Charles Darnay and the love that is throughout this book. Even in this dark book and this very depressing time good still prevailed.

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