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Good day steemian gamers, trust you all are having a good day. Today we’re going to do a game review on *Into the dead*.

In case you missed my last post were I shared a game review on *Storm of darkness*. You can still check it out *here*.  So today we will be doing a game review on *Into the dead* Into the dead game is an action game and mostly one of the best shooting games that has a high number of Scary factors on it that is quite appalling and a lot intense. It’s typically a game that thrives on commitment to its experience, both from its developers which is the pikpok and from its players. You can also turn off the sound and grind your way through for coins and unlocks. Or you can pop in a pair of headphones and listen to your own ragged breathing as you push through zombie fields and forests, one individual alone, surrounded, and without any hope of rescue from anyone at all so that made it all a nice game generally.

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The game is actually a game whereby you play the role of shooting the zombies as you run steadily in a forest with an exhausting voice coming down through you more likely in a shattered way because of the activities going on in the game. Into the Dead game actually throws you into the gruesome world of the zombie apocalypse like it’s been described where there are no second chances. There you’ll have to Do what you have to in order to stay alive, keep moving as fast as you can, and protect yourself by any means necessary.

It also a game that states When the Dead are rising, you run as fast as you can. Generally, it’s just a game whereby you’d have to keep running endlessly either you avoid the zombies or you get rid of them by shooting them in a fast way cause it doesn’t takes much time for the zombies to kill you, therefore you will have to be careful as well. The storyline of the game was actually an interesting one as it also adds to the feel of the game, there it stated that a man who is desperately trying to make his way back to his family on foot, after crashing his truck and being overrun by the undead. For an android mobile game version, Into the Dead  graphical presentation is a lot impressive, and includes short but well produced factors on it and satisfactory voice acting. However, if something sounds too good to be true, it often is the incredibly polished free version of this game is laden with microtone that are heavily encouraged, with frequent prompts to subscribe and pay for additional in-game resources. This significantly adds instantly an otherwise good great experience gaming. There’s a lot more of activities on the Game, the unlockable parts are great but the missions are what really keeps you coming back after much of going into so many other levels.

Into the dead game is quite an action with a lot of terrific components on it that tends to make the game a great one and it’s also a game as it is now that also have a lot of scary factors on it which actually speaking should be a Scary game really because it has the zombies and a battlefield of where you can run which is the forest and not only about this but it’s also a game that is played in a dark arena, so generally everything about the game looks scary and fun as well. The first new game mode to unlock is “Stand Your Ground”. There It basically turns Into the Dead temporary and into a turret style shooter, but one with more atmosphere and tension at times exists in any of the others that I’ve played. But Before you begin you’ll  get to pick three weapons that you want to have with you and some others. The things includes things like having explosive barrels around that you can shoot, killing many zombies at once or one called Head Start which has you begin from wave five, which can be useful if you have to kill a bunch of zombies at once.  Into the dead game was released on the December 6 2012 and looking at this date it’s shows that the game was released quite a long time now as probably it was released like 4 years ago but to tell you ever since it was released they’ve been doing good since then both on the visibility aspect and the positive reviews and nice comments made by users all were absolutely encouraging to see cause actually lots of people liked the game so much so that makes no difference. Talking about the visibility of the game, right now the Game has a total of 50 million downloads on play store and still counting as well cause literally it’s a game that is been liked by all for the fantastic way it plays and all other things about it both the positive reviews and comments made by the users who’ve actually played the game. There again, another fun thing why I liked the game is because there wasn’t much of any negative reviews about it or Rather I’ll say there wasn’t at all.

So generally it’s all an excellent game with one of the best graphical designs on it as well. Into the the dead game was created and developed by pikpok games which as well are the developers of other fantastic games like the maze runner, the shadow wars and the breakneck all sounded unique and their games are also fantastic as they played differently in a perfect way from other games and basically they deal more on developing minor action games so there’s actually a bit difference there cause all has it’s way of describing it.  So after the release of the game were some few things and features that got added up to it which added up in making the game to become a more fantastic one like it is now. So here are the newly things and features that just got fixed and added up to the game; they’ve fixed the bugs and improved the game performances, they’ve made a clearer explanation of why permissions are required when game starts and that’s actually a good Start with the game. They’ve added new languages supported by Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Swedish, Latin American Spanish, Russian and lastly they’ve upgraded the user interface and upgraded the version of the game to a high standard one respectively. There as everything got fixed and new features added to the game I’m sure it really made a lot difference and now the game functions well in an appropriate way it should though even without this the game is still a standard action game plays very well in a fantastic way too.*GAMEPLAY*Speaking about the gameplay, the gameplay of into the dead game was really a fantastic one when I was playing it personally and it Also has the surprising thing of it that seems to be a feature on the game which looked really nice and also made the gameplay a lot interesting and fun to play though the gameplay has a bit of disadvantages on it and it at times could get one being displeased cause of the stupid thing it does. The gameplay actually involves running mostly, whereby you’ll have to run endlessly in a very big huge forest filled with different types of zombies all around the place and many more of other creatures as well, so here your work is to make sure you run and kill every single zombie that comes your way, though it needs to be done in a very fast way cause actually it takes just one hit from a single zombie to kill you and that’ll be the end of you on that level, generally it’s all about tilting your phone normally within the right way and the right places to go so as to avoid the zombies as well.

It’s really a scary game overall and also has a lot of scary factors on it that tends to make the gameplay be a lot good and fantastic cause playing games that has good number of scary factors on it can at times be an interesting one so there was no much difference there with the game. The Players earn coins for each run, and can as well spend these on one boosts like starting with a weapon or skipping the first 1500 meters level. Gamers can also pay up to skip tricky goals or unlock weapons early. The entire system feels very balanced and reasonable. Without ever paying a cent, weapons unlock at a reasonable pace and you have enough money to purchase plenty of convenience items depending on the money you made from a level. The only unfortunate side-effect of the freemium model are the intrusive and garish advertisements placed in the menus. So actually the gameplay was quite intense and fun to play. *GRAPHICS*Speaking about the graphics, the graphical aspects of into the game us really a nice one and looked so much to the eye, the graphical part of the game actually seems to be the best part of the game cause the graphics is demn fantastic and features a 3d characters on it with the great content all over the graphics.

The environments were all good and designed  in a well standard way also the game characters were good as the zombies they are spitting and pouring out all kind of things from their bodies and that was quite irritating though but adds to the feel of the game. The developers really did an awesome job here on the graphics mostly on all parts of it as the lights were low and using a dark colour all for the game which typically had it’s disadvantages cause it wasn’t that easy to locate every of the zombies on the game as though they were all painted Black too but fine that doesn’t really mean at all. So overall the graphics of into the game is really a fun fantastic one as it features a great content as well. *SOUND*Speaking about the sound, the sound of into the dead game was excellent as it played slowly in a nice way.

The sound played very much in a good way and also has same similar features with that of ninja arashi game as they both share almost the same voice and sounds heard from the game. The music part is also nice but the little difference about it is that it plays separately from the game, the music plays mostly on the other hand of the game of the beginning and ending part alone and this was literally good cause it also gives specifications to the game in accordance to how it was programmed or maybe. The sound effects are great and sound so realistic.

the moans of the zombies and creatures of enemies are brilliantly designed. The soundtrack really isn’t all there but adds to the feel of the game. The voice acting is moderate at best but can be forced and stiff. So overall the sound is accurately designed.*FEATURES*• Ongoing updates to deliver new modes, features, and content • Intense gameplay with stunning visuals & sound depicting a grim zombie apocalypse • Challenge your friends to beat your high scores• Unlock an arsenal of powerful weapons and perks to help you stay alive • Tablets supported• Missions and minigoals provide constant challenges to overcome *DETAILS ABOUT THE GAME*• Developer..

…..pikpok• Version.

…… 2.

5.3• Offered by….

..pikpok• Released Dates…

… December 6 2012• Platform….

iOS Android• Category….

Action• Content rating…

..16+• Language.


English• Genre……

..Running Available on play store!*GENERAL RATINGS*• Gameplay….

….10/10• Graphics…

….9/10• Sound…

….9/10• Controls….

.. 9/10• Scare factors…..

8/10• Storyline……

8/10• Overall rating…..

.. 9/10*FINAL WORD*In overall, the into the dead game is really a fantastic game and also has quite a good number of downloads that sounds so much impressive. Everything about the game is awesome and really did a lot fantastic on how it plays and other things. It’s also rated 16+ meaning that it’s not really a game meant for all neither is it a Minor game for kids. So just know about that.

Overall the game is just a nice game and it happened to be one of the best shooting game as well so I’ll gladly recommend this game for you, rush now and go get it on play store. Thanks!! Thanks for reading!!

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