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               Good Will HuntingThe movie Good Will Hunting is about a smart kid named Will Hunting who works at MIT, and one day they find out that he was the person solving the equations that take years for the professors to solve. Then Will gets into a fight at the park with a kid that use to bully him when he was younger. He gets arrested and that was his last chance, so the judge was about to sentence him. But then the professor came to the rescue and said that he will take Will under his wing and make sure he goes to counseling and help him with his work because he is too smart to be in jail. Will gets 5 therapists to quit before Professor Lambeau goes back to his old college roommate, Sean, who works at Bunker Hill College. Sean teaches therapy and Professor Lambeau went to talk to him about Will and he agrees to take the challenge. After the first session, Will learns that Sean’s weak spot is his deceased wife.

Then Sean learned that Will has a disorder where he pushes people away, and that was caused because he was abused by his foster father. Then Will meets a girl named Skylar that he likes, until she asks him to move to California with her because she wants to go to Stanford, and Will tells her that everything he told her about his life was a lie. In his last session with Sean, he tells him that they broke up and then Sean tells him that he cannot keep pushing people away. After previously rejecting all the job interviews that Professor Lambeau had set up for him, he finally takes a job at a company called Holden & McNeil. Will then realizes he loves Skylar and decides to drive to California from Boston with the car his friend bought him.      In the whole movie my two favorite parts are when Will and his friend are at the construction site talking about where Will is going to work, and then Will says he doesn’t want to sit in a office and just be a lab rat, he wants to be free have space.

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Then his friend Chuck said you don’t have to do it for yourself or for the professor, but you owe it to me because 5 years from now I am still going to be here at this construction site and none of us  will get out of Southie,  but you have the chance to do something with your life.  I learned that sometimes you need to put yourself before others, because some people don’t have the same opportunity you have, so you have to take it and to work to the best of your ability.  This also taught me that it is important to have good friends like them who want you to succeed.

 My second favorite scene was during Sean and Will’s last session and he told Will that he understands where he is coming from because he was abused as a child too, and had to work really hard to get out of Southie. He said that they are the same person because they have the exact same past, and then he tells him it is okay and then Will starts crying and then Sean gives him a hug.  That is the first person Will let in his life.  This scene has a very important lesson in it.  The lesson is that it is important to let people into your life and let them get to know you, and you really don’t know how much you have in common with someone if you never talk to them on a deep level or get to know each other.      Some issues that lead to needing psychotherapy are depression, mental illness, anxiety, needing help to stop smoking, relationship troubles, job loss, the death of a loved one, stress, substance abuse, and others.  Psychotherapy has a impact on most people because a psychotherapist will make you feel comfortable and tell them all your problems and what is stressing you out.

 Psychotherapy is a really important profession that a lot of people need because they’re so stressed.  Many people who enter psychotherapy today aren’t helped at all. Some end up more troubled than when they began treatment. And some therapists are examples of the kinds of problems they’re trying to treat.  Psychotherapy helps some people but makes it worse for other people, but it all depends on why you are going there. If, like in Will’s case, he didn’t think he needed therapy but he had to get it because it was the judge’s order, but at the end of the movie the therapy helped him be more open toward people and helped him understand life.

But the problem that Will had was minor compared to the problem that other have like depression, substance abuse. In other cases people can be helped if you have a good therapist, it will make a big impact to lot of people and a bad impact on  other people.  Practicing psychologists can help people learn to cope more effectively with life issues and mental health problems. Psychologists help by using a variety of techniques based on the best available research and consider someone’s unique values, characteristics, goals and circumstances.  Practicing psychologists interpret a number of tests and assessments that can help diagnose a condition or tell more about the way a person thinks, feels and behaves. These tests may evaluate intellectual skills, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, vocational aptitude and preference, personality characteristics and neuropsychological functioning.  Sean was a really good therapist to Will because he got him to open up and talk about his life, even though Will tried to break him Sean like he did with all the other therapists, Sean actually broke him by challenging him.

 Sean did not back down from Will.  He tried talking about his wife and he also tried bullying him in a way.  Will tried to make Sean feel bad about himself and Sean said to him that at first he was bothered by what Will said to him about his picture, his wife, and his life. But then Sean said he realized something important about Will that made him sleep like a baby, and it was that Will was just a child who didn’t know anything and hasn’t experienced life yet, so why would he listen to him? Sean asked him have you ever left Southie, and Will said no.  Then Sean said that you haven’t even lived yet. and you don’t know what the world is like outside of here.

Sean tells Will stories about his life and Will can relate to what Sean says, so he starts to feels closer to Sean.  They argue during some sessions, and they tell jokes and throw their knowledge back and forth at each other for other sessions.  Sean made Will realize that life is all about making friends and relationships and it takes a while for Will to realize that.  By that time he has already messed up his relationship with Skylar, and if he wants to fix it he will have to drive to California in his car, but before he goes to get her he tells Sean what he is going to do. At that point Will trusted in Sean and Will sees Sean as a father figure and thanks him for everything he has done in the letter he gave him at the end of the movie.

I believe that Sean and Will helped each other because Sean decided to go try dating one more time while he travels the world and Sean makes Will realize he loves Skylar so he has to go get her. This  movie has a lot of great lessons to learn and is very inspirational and it gives a lot of life lessons and shows what some people really have and how some of us take things for granted. This movie also shows the importance of having good friends that want you to succeed in life, so they can watch you be great even though they will still live in the poor part of the town.  This movie has one last great lesson and that is that you should be a person that welcomes people into your life and not push everyone away because you don’t trust them or because you had a very rough childhood.

This movie has great lesson that will make you think about life.

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