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Going to Atlanta, Georgia for the first time. Meeting my favorite actress. Going to Mall of America 5. What Jobs did you have on your life? My first Job was McDonald’s Dunking Donuts Finished 6. Who were the important people in your life? Grandma Daddy Auntie 7. What were your educational experiences? Going to Westwood college graduating Walt n MA certificate. Attending Gifford University to pursue my Associates in Early Childhood Education. It has been quite some time since I have typed a paper. I never thought I would be sitting with a laptop doing a paper for college.

I was hoping by this time around, I would be done with school and starting my career, but unfortunately everything does tot go the way you want it to. In this paper of mines, I will discuss my childhood, and things that occurred tthroughout my childhood. Everything that has happen and/or is happening in my life today, I believe has shaped me into a lovely young lady. I have so many goals I want to reach, and everything that I have learned tthroughout my adulthood, I believe will help me get there. I was born in raised in Chicago, Illinois.

I was born to the arms of Alaskan Berry and Carl Wright. My parent’s did not stay together after I was born. My mother had a lifestyle that my father did not approve of. So, however they separated. Due to my parent’s’ separation, and my mother’s lifestyle, I stayed with my father. My father had Just started a new Job right before I was born, so he was working most of the time. When my mother chose the crazy lifestyle that she wanted, I stayed with my father. My father had difficult times trying to work and raise me, so I went to stay with my grandmother.

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My grandmother resided on the south side of Chicago in the low in come projects called the “Robert Taylor”. My father and the rest of his siblings were all raised in the same building. When I went to live with my grandmother, my other cousins resided there with my nut as well, so I was happy. My grandmother youngest daughter, which was my auntie of course has four children. They were all girls. My cousins and I were all close in age. My family was very much so family oriented. There wasn’t a lot of us, be we always made sure we stuck together. We got together for every holiday.

My grandmother has eight children, so there was quite a few of us when we all got together. I love my family. We have ups and downs and disagreements, but we all knew how to overcome them. I must say, I remember a lot of things about my childhood. I can also out of all the kids in our household, I was the one that was bad. When all five of us, including my cousins would play together, I was the one that would do something bad and get in trouble for it. My grandmother was make me sit a ten room Walt n near Decease I was Dealing Dad I nee worst part AT Tanat, Is Tanat I K I was bad.

Whenever she told me to sit in the room with her, I would wait until she fell asleep to go back in the other room with my cousins. My aunt’s oldest daughter was a year older than me. We both shared the same birthday month. My cousin’s birthday was four days before mines, so my father, grandmother and auntie would give us a birthday party together. The main thing I loved about my childhood was eating candy. One of the apartments in our building had a candy store. Whenever I would get money, I was go to the tenth floor where the candy store was and buy candy.

But the funny thing is now, I can’t stand to eat candy. One of my favorite memories of growing up would be, going to Atlanta, Georgia for the first time. When I visited Atlanta, I met one of my favorite singers. I love Circa, she is a singer and an actress. The hometown where she is from happened to be Atlanta, so I got to meet and greet her. Another memory that happens to be my favorite, I would have to say ongoing to Mall of America. That was a memory that I would never forget. When I went there, I was a child so it was amazing. There was an actual roller coaster in the mall.

So, with that being said those memories are something I will never forget. I have had quite a few Jobs in my life. My first Job was McDonald’s, which happens to be a lot of teenager’s first Job. I enjoyed working there. I was kind of nervous and shy at first about starting because it was my first Job. I worked there with two of my cousins, so it made me much more comfortable. I also worked at Dunking Donuts. I really didn’t like irking there because I was always so sleepy when I got off because of the hours I worked. I had to be there at 5 A. M. In the morning, so I was always tired.

I didn’t work there too long because I found a better Job and something that was good for me as far as scheduling. I worked at Finished, which was a shoe store. I have to say I enjoyed working there better because, I had lots of shoes due to the discount that was given to the employees. It also was fun because I was around funny people, so it made my Job easier and fun. Tthroughout my life, I have always had people in my corner I can say mean the world to me. My grandmother, my daddy and my aunt. My grandmother passed away about 7 months ago.

That hurt my soul because she was the one that was there for me when I was a child, to tell me what was wrong and right. I will take her soul with her wherever I go, so I can always be lead in the right direction. My father is still in my life and still a hardworking man. He is the one that motivates me the most to continue everything that I start. My aunt is very important to me as well. I will always consider her to me a mother like figure in my life. My educational experiences consists of graduating high school, and attending college.

After I graduated high school, I attended Westwood College. I graduated from Westwood and received my certificate in Medical Assisting. Medical Assisting, was not something I wanted to pursue a career in. My heart is working with children. I am currently attending Gifford University. I am going for my Associates in Early Childhood Education. I plan to have my own daycare someday. So from this point on, I plan to take every step in reaching my goal. Reticence Witt, G. A. , & Mossier, R. A. (2010). Adult Development and Life Assessment. San Diego, CA: Bridgeport Education, Inc.

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