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Goals Realizing that my first college semester and first college experiences are about to be over, I wonder to myself, did I make it through my first semester in college Is everything down hill from here Have I accomplished all my goals that I set in the beginning of the semester I look back at all my original goals and contemplate if I have fulfilled my requirements.My first original academic goal was to be taken off provisional status and be placed on good standings. I hope to be placed on good standings at the end of this semester, but as of now, I am on provisional status. This goal seems somewhat easy to accomplish once final exams are completed. I hope I do well on my final exams, so that I won?t be on provisional status next semester. Another academic goal of mine was to maintain a B average in all my classes.

This goal, however, fell short on two of my classes. In my chemistry class, I am currently making a D. This grade will go up because the professor drops the lowest test and quiz grade. I think what prevented me from making a B was the material was goal, goals, college, semester, one, first, classes, personal, making, hard, good, feel, am, accomplished, academic, very, term, status, something, provisional, myself, make, long, hope, graduate, been, because, years, won?t, within, two, trying, time, test, staying, standings

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