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Globalization is a word we are hearing more often these days. It is described as a movement that enables individuals, corporations, and countries to reach around the globe farther, faster, deeper, and cheaper than ever before. It is the spread of free market capitalism to virtually every country in the world. With current technological advancements, globalization has become more accessible. Businesses can now manage overseas operations with more control through the use of the Internet and improved telecommunications. Globalization has many characteristics that can benefit some countries while undermining others. To some, globalization is bringing choices and opportunities, while to others it is a disruptive force that threatens lives, jobs, and traditions. In a global economy, markets are without boundaries. Free market capitalism is the driving idea behind globalization. As a result, countries that are willing to participate in the global marketplace are encouraged to open their economy to free trade, privatization, and competition.
Every issue has positive and negative points. Despite the promising progress that the global economy promotes, it is surprising that millions of people do not look at globalization in a positive light. Some organizations,

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