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blunders made by companies in the foreign market are at times due to lack of
understanding of the culture effect on business. It is essential to understand
the impact of the cultural environment on business as it involves people from
different cultures. Culture in business has influence on the labor environment,
socio-economics, and political/ legal environment. A consumer product company
cannot afford to make mistakes in this intensively competitive market. One has
to come out of their cultural bubble when it comes to business.

federal government of Export Development Canada (EDC) provides services to
exporting companies in Canada. It provides information to assist people in
export development planning like translation considerations to respond to
client needs in various languages. An increasing number of companies now
include text as well as audio-sound to sections on their websites to have
business benefits.

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example of a cultural blunder is by the Heineken beer brand company during the
1994 world cup. During the 1994 world cup, the company had flags of all
countries qualifying for the soccer tournament imprinted under the Heineken
bottles. Among the states was Saudi Arabia. The country’s flag has a verse from
the Quran, a holy book of the Islam, which forbids the use of alcohol. As a
result, many Muslims complained about having the brewer display the Quran
verse. This is a cultural oversight that had Heineken stop their marketing
campaign, recall all the bottles, and create a new design, as it hurt the
religious sentiments of Saudi Arabia. The mistake they made is imprinting Saudi
Arabia’s flag that quotes a verse from the Quran, which forbids alcohol, on
Heineken beer bottles. This blunder is probably due to the failure of the
Heineken marketing team to learn the cultures of all the participating
countries and understand their attitude towards alcohol. Attitudes towards
drinking vary around the world. Therefore, it is advisable for alcohol-related
companies to familiarize themselves with such drinking-related cultures to
avoid blunders especially in setting marketing strategies.

I were in the manager in charge of the launch, I would acknowledge the terrible
blunder and declare a public apology to the Islam community to resolve the
cultural oversight. There are other ways Heineken would have conducted their
marketing campaign to avoid touching the religious issue, as it is a very
sensitive one. Vouchers for the winning team is one way; having the winning
team travel to a place of choice on their tab. Instead of imprinting flags on
the Heineken bottles, they would have used wristbands to show the countries
represented, which the people would take as souvenirs. Offering other souvenirs
like branded t-shirts with imprinted names of participating countries would
also be a strategy. These would not have landed Heineken into an international
brand failure list. Therefore, campaigns have to take into account on cultural
norms as they launch their products. In conclusion, a company requires a team
that is culturally informed to prevent blunders on a global stage. 

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