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Set the tray in three different spots with different slopes ND measure the angle. . Tray leaning on seat off chair – 15 b. Tray leaning on the top of the desk 43 c. Tray leaning against the top off lab table 57 5. Define a start and stopping point on the tray. 6. Put the blubber at the start and time how long it takes for the blubber to reach the end point. 7. Record the time for each experiment with different slopes. 8. Compare all three times with different slopes and report out. Results: Placement: Angle: Seat of desk 14 minutes 21 seconds Top of desk 43 6 minutes 14 seconds Top of lab table 57 9 minutes 6 seconds Conclusion:

The hypothesis was incorrect; the glacier, or blubber in this case, did not move at a constant rate, for, despite having a steeper angle, the time taken on t he lab table took longer than the desk did. The time taken for each angle varied d quite a bit; 150 with 14 minutes dropped to 6 minutes with 430, then it went u p 3 minutes with 570. A glacier may move in the same way as the blubber; it depends on how much snow is gathered on the glacier, as more pressure on t he ice of the glacier causes it to move more slowly. An error in this experiment perhaps could’ve been the amount and temperature of the blubber.

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