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Girl Inturrupted In the book Girl Interrupted, the main character, Susanna Kaysen, in eighteen, and suffering many problems. After a short meeting with her psychiatrist she is shipped off to a mental hospital for her borderline personality disorder. There she is put in the teenage girls ward. There she meets many interesting people, such as Lisa, the sociopath who is always trying to escape. Dais, who is in constant need of laxatives, and many others. Psychiatrists have the antagonistic role in her commentaries on life on the ward, and while reading the book you learn a lot about Susanna, and how smart she really is despite her ?illness?.

Susanna entered the mental hospital still having no idea why she was there, but what she soon came to realize was that she was the most normal one out of all that were staying there. The hospital was a very strict facility with locked everything. There was no leaving the hospital except for when the nurse would take 6 lucky patients to get ice cream, but that was hardly ever.

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Nurses checked on you every 10, 20, or 30 minutes, depending on your behavior and diagnosis. Susanna also had a therapist, with whom she book, susanna, depression, hospital, something, problems, out, disorder, about, two, should, patients, mental, lisa, life, girl, felt, diagnosis, ward, very, type, trying, throughout, therapists, techniques, talk, study, people, past, main, kaysen, interrupted, having, everything, every, eating

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