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The distress individuals go through dealing with psychotic episodes is made worse by the fear and aversion such behaviors create in other people. Paranoid schizophrenia hinders person productivity because the illness disables person abilities to function daily (Contain, & Filcher, 2010).

Individual’s diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia has issues with thinking, memory, emotions, and concentrating(Contain, & Filcher, 2010). Paranoid schizophrenia can lead to other serious complications, lifelong psychological issues, episodes of delusions, hallucinations, and suicidal behaviors (Mayo Clinic, 2012). Paranoid schizophrenia is a serious illness that limits a person cognitive and mental well-being (Contain, & Filcher, 2010). Schizophrenia exact cause of the illness is unknown scientist and researchers believe it’s caused by a variety of factors.

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This paper will challenge the theories where exploring various factors guarding schizophrenia and its link to genetics and environmental factors. Genetics and Environmental Influences Linked to Schizophrenia Paranoid schizophrenia is a psychological disorder that negatively impacts a person life when the illness isn’t treated. Paranoid schizophrenia causes challenges and difficulties in a person life that makes everyday life a struggle. It becomes hard to separate reality, think clearly, cope, problem solve, and relate to others (Deemed, 201 1).

Schizophrenia is a serious chronic mental illness that generally strikes individuals in his or her late adolescence or early adulthood, forever, this disorder can strike an individual at any given time in their life (Deemed, 2011). Childhood-onset of the illness is hard to diagnosed in children after 5 because many of the developmental disorders is difficult to separate from other childhood developmental disorders such as autism (National Center for Biotechnology Information, U. S. National Library of Medicine, 2012).

There are several type of schizophrenic disorder; disorganized schizophrenic, catatonic schizophrenic, paranoid schizophrenic and undifferentiated schizophrenia (Mayo Clinic, 2012). Individuals suffering from aggrandize schizophrenic display childish disregards for social convention he or she may even urinate and defecate at any given time even in inappropriate situations. An individual with catatonic schizophrenia motor activity is disturbed. A person suffering from this illness may behave in a robotic method he or she may remain immobile, mute, and impassive.He or she may talk and speak excessively, excited, talkative, and they may shout continuously at any given time.

Paranoid schizophrenia is characterized as extreme suspicious and complex delusions Abide-Back, Alleges, Nicole, Cassette, Salvia, & Landed, P. (201 1). Individuals suffering from paranoid schizophrenia may believe he or she is someone they are not. A common misconception surrounding the illness schizophrenia means split personality as this illness has been studied and researched we have seen split personality (multiple personalities) is actually a dissociate identity disorder.

The misunderstanding comes from the fact that the root chichi is derives from the Greek word meaning “to split” (Mayo Clinic, 2012). What is split in schizophrenia is not as much as personality as the connection split is among his or her thoughts. Psychotic episodes resulting from paranoid schizophrenia is among the most frightening and tormenting experiences perhaps even more frightening due to his or her ability to control or understand these emotions or experiences resulting from the illness.The distress individuals go through dealing with psychotic episodes is made worse by the fear and aversion such behaviors create in other people. It is difficult for the ordinary person not be disturbed by strange rambling of people in a psychotic state of being. Because often people dealing with psychotic episodes are often rejected or isolated within communities with little or no opportunities without support of services and intervention measures.Suffers dealing with paranoid schizophrenia has issues with thinking, memory, emotions, and concentrating. His or her perception is altered the significant loss of reality is nonexistent because of the difficulties the illness has on people and withdrawn effects of separating reality and imaginary perceptions.

Schizophrenia affects at least two million people each year the known causes are not exactly determined; many theories and ideas are believed to be associated with the illness (National Institution of Mental Health, 2012).The illness occurs in people at any given time in his or her life regardless of his or her race, social status, religion, background, and geographical locations. In most cases viewed people develop the illness in his or her late teens or early adulthood; although the illness can appear in a for the first time during his or her middle age as seen in some rare case studies researching the illness (Drawbacks, Elite, & Dixon, 2009). Schizophrenia affects more men than woman (National Institution of Mental Health, 2012).Individual suffering from the illness will require tremendous services and sources to help care for those suffering from the illness. Paranoid schizophrenia can lead to other serious complications, lifelong issues dealing with frequent delusions, hallucinations, and suicidal behaviors/thoughts (Delver,201 1). People diagnosed with the illness earlier in life tend to suffer from more extreme cases Of the illness; the illness tends to be more Severe and most common among the male population (National Institution of Mental Health, 2012).People suffering from hallucinations may hear voices, threatening commands, intense outburst of laughing, feeling of being followed, or threatened.

People diagnosed with the illness experience a variety of symptoms involving disturbances in content of thoughts, form of thoughts, perception, and affects, sense of self, motivation, behaviors, and interpersonal functioning. Individuals suffering from schizophrenia usually suffer from a variety of symptoms. These symptoms may develop slowly initially or over the years in some given events a person may display a many symptoms at one given time.

As stated by International Mental Health Research Organization, 2012 these symptoms may include the following: Difficulty developing and maintaining relationships Difficulty making decisions and choices -Difficulty with coping -Impulsive -Difficulty sleeping -Lack of emotions -Difficulty paying attention -Bizarre behaviors -Delusions -Hallucinations -Denies they even have an illness Suffers diagnosed with the illness often suffer from hallucination known as a false sense Of perception described as hearing voices or images that are not present.He or she may suffer from visual, tactile, or olfactory hallucination is likely to indicate substance abuse or organic brain damage (International Mental Health Research Organization, 2012) The exact causes of the illness re believed to be associated with a variety of factors. Many researchers and scientist believed the illness is a result of a variety of changes that alters chemical balances in the brain, genetic features, psychological features, unbalanced hormones, and environmental factors (Logical, Mandible, Lorenz, Marino, & alarm e, 2009,).Paranoid schizophrenia is characterized as one of the five schizophrenia, the exact cause of the illness is unknown as scientist continues to find possible connection and orientation of the illness. Brain structures and chemical balances has been a tested theory that continues to halogen scientist and researchers.

Abnormalities in the human brain structure linked to the illness. Scientist and researchers believes it’s linked to chemical imbalances in the brain and genetics factors (Richard & Brahms, 2012).Schizophrenia is believed to be caused by unbalanced brain chemicals in the human brain; these chemicals are known as neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitter dopamine usually affects neurons affiliated with voluntary movement, learning emotions, and memory; these chemicals are believed to play a role in schizophrenia (Richard & Brahms, 2012). Schizophrenia affects efferent parts of the brain such as the foreordain, handrail, and limbic brain systems (International Mental Health Research Organization, 2012).Lack of abnormal brain circulation is believed to disturb nerve cells in the brain this misfiring of information processing and coordination impairs mental functioning believed to be lost in the (International Mental Health Research Organization, 2012). The excessive unbalanced chemicals in the brain alters normal brain functioning as seen on a MR. performed by a two researchers studying the illness (El-Stayed, Steen, Poe, Bathe, Geri, & al, e,2010).

Bio scientist believes these unbalanced chemicals in the brain are a major contributor to other psychological disorders.Schizophrenia is a serious psychological disorder a lot Of research and studies has been performed linking its causes to genetic components. The genetic factor is believed to be a major contributor to the illness. Evidence has been studies suggesting the genetic abnormality associated with the illness is derived from the genetic expression (Richard & Brahms, 201 2). Researchers has been studying the illness making discovers between specific genetic make-ups and affected rain functioning causing symptoms associated with the illness (Richard & Brahms, 2012).Many studies indicate the illness has a greater component linked to genetics. The risk of developing the illness due to the biological parents having the illness is increased by at least 40% because the illness affects both biological parents (Deemed, 2011 Heredity is not explained as the only connections associated with the illness at least 60% of the population has the illness with no family or close relative having the illness (Deemed, 2011).

People diagnosed with the illness are more likely to have children who suffer from the illness (Deemed, 201 1). The biological predisposition to schizophrenia may be related to excessive amounts of intransitives dopamine in the central nervous system of both parents (International Mental Health Research Organization, 2012). Early prenatal disturbances are a factor that can contribute to abnormal brain development as well as causes of cognitive and psychological difficulties associated with mental illness.

Genetic factors alone is not the only contributor of the illness; environmental factors ranging from distributed family relationships, stress, drug addictions, damage that may occur at any given age of a person; even from birth National Institution of Mental Health, 2012). Environmental factors such as stress can hinder a person abilities to deal and cope these challenges and struggles in a person life can poses a variety of adverse effect that can be negative to how he or she deal and cope with life challenges and struggles.This stress can alter chemicals in the brain such as misfiring causing chemical imbalances that can contribute to psychological disorders (National Institution of Mental Health, 2012). Drugs and alcohol abuse is another environmental factor believed to be associated with the illness.

Due to the chemical reactions the drugs have on the brain when used contributes to brain and chemical impairments. Poor diet and nutrition is another environmental factor because of the inappropriate food and drug toxins can play a major role in developing mental illness (National Institution of Mental Health, 2012).Lastly a lot of emphasis on various explanations for schizophrenic disorders is not mutually exclusively. Genetic factors are universally acknowledged but may theories believe that only a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors produce the illness. Genetic actors predispose some people to schizophrenia and family interactions, and life stress activates the predisposition of the illness.

Detecting the illness early can help enhance person recovery efforts. Early warning signs can likely decrease intense behaviors that sometimes require hospitalizing.Early warning signs vary from person to person as stated by National Institution Of Mental Health, 2012; they include the following: -Hearing voices and seeing people not visible to others -Paranoid feelings of being watched -Deterioration academic and work productivity -Changes in moods and personality Isolation and withdrawal from people -Increased need to discuss and preoccupy self with religion Schizophrenia illness can be treated with a variety of approaches to help an individual.

Although the illness is not curable it can be maintained with medication and psychotherapy.However compliance with medicating can sometimes become an issue because individuals living with the illness sometimes Stop taking his or her medication at different periods within his or her life. Therefore, the medication regimen sometimes is hard to maintain. Individuals suffering from the illness need all the supports and services of latherer professionals as well as family to ensure he or she is taking his or her medication as prescribed to enhance and promote recovery.

A variety of intervention approaches can help to manage the illness such as medication management.Medications have been available since the 1 ass’s these medications are known as conventional antispasmodic medications (Carpenter , 2008). Conventional medications used during the 1 ass’s consisted of the following: theorize, Hallo, Perennial, and other medications were among the first generation medications used to help treat the illness (Carpenter &Koenig, 2008). By the 1 ass’s the second generation of mediations was developed. These medications consisted of atypical antispasmodic medications such as Cellophane, Airspeeds, Zappers, Carousel, Gideon, and Ability (Carpenter , 2008).Antispasmodic drugs treat psychological disorders that are considered to be severe such as schizophrenia.

These medications are believed to be effective because they help to reduce psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions. Individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia generally suffer from these two Symptoms (Carpenter , 2008). Antispasmodic medications are effective or treating schizophrenia positive symptoms such as hallucinations but less effective for treating negative symptoms such as withdrawal (Carpenter , 2008).Antispasmodic medications work to block the brain receptors for dopamine with is a major transmitter (Carpenter , 2008). A successful treatment plan can enhance recovery; the treatment plan depends upon lifelong regimen of both medication and psychosocial therapies.

Medication helps to control psychosis and behaviors associated with illness. Medication cannot help a person learn appropriate social skills, coping skill and strategies, problem solving, conflict, and anger. Incorporating group therapy, psychosocial services, and self-help groups as part of a person treatment plan can significantly help enhance recovery.

Medication is usually used as an effective approach to treat a number of different psychological problems such as schizophrenia. Currently there are a variety of medications used to treat schizophrenia. These medications have provided individuals with alternatives and solutions to manage his or her illness. These alternatives help to keep individuals out of larger institutions by helping individuals to manage within his or her community through the use of educations and interventions from psychosocial facilities within communities.Incorporating medication as part of the treatment plans to help treat individuals suffering from schizophrenia has a downside. The side effects are sometimes undesirable.

These side effects may consist of blurred vision, constipation, dry mouths, diarrhea, loss of motor control, tremors, muscle rigidness, and other bothersome side effects. Individuals are suffering from side effects that are too bothersome should contact his or her doctor. Medications has been available since the 1 ass’s these medications are known s conventional antispasmodic medications (Carpenter &Koenig, 2008).Conventional medications used during the 1 ass’s consisted of the following: theorize, Hallo, Perennial, and other medications were among the first generation medications used to help treat the illness (Carpenter 2008). By the sass’s the second generation of mediations was developed. These medications consisted of atypical antispasmodic medications such as Cellophane, Airspeeds, Zappers, Carousel, Gideon, and Ability (Carpenter &Koenig 2008).

Cognitive psychotherapy offers behavioral therapeutic techniques found to be effective when treating a variety of mental illness.This approach is also known as cognitive therapy. This method of therapy is often effective when treating individuals suffering from schizophrenia because it uses two approaches to treat psychological problems using a combination of therapeutic approaches geared to education and enhancing recovery. Cognitive psychotherapy is based on the premise of assessing his or her self, problem solving, and coping, setting and achieving goals. Cognitive therapy helps to encourage better coping strategies and adjustments. Psychotherapy is another intervention to help individuals suffering from the illness. Hysterical helps about two thirds of the people diagnosed with schizophrenia (Butcher, Monika & Holey, 2010). Psychotherapy provides individuals with an explanation of his or her illness; along with an explanation of appropriate coping skills and strategies to deal with his or her illness.

Psychotherapy offers individuals hope because the majority of the people seeking help have poor decision making skills, lack of confidence, and poor social skills (International Mental Health Research Organization ,2012).Psychotherapy is long-term treatment plan used as a form of intervention that clients can attend for many years in a community or riveter settings( International Mental Health Research Organization, 2012). Group therapy is another intervention used to treat individuals suffering from psychological disorders. Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy used by clients dealing with a variety of issues. These individuals regularly meet to interact with others to try to reach his or her highest level of recovery insight into his or her feelings and behaviors.This method is sometimes less expensive; group therapy focus on psychological problems by helping to develop and build social and interpersonal skills using a group approach. Conclusion Understanding mental illness continues to leave lasting impression on society as well as its efforts to understand the challenges and outcomes of understanding the illness.

Schizophrenia continues to question to take on many adverse efforts to identify the illness causes and known factors believed to be a major contributor in the illness and how it impairs human behaviors.The illness impacts so many Americans of all religious backgrounds, age, ethnicity, income, race, and gender. Understanding challenges faced by suffers dealing with the illness continues to concern nature, causes, and treatments of mental disorders. Managing schizophrenia can be achieved with the maxima level of success through the proper use of medication and treatment plans geared to help the individual meet his or her needs.

Understanding schizophrenia and its links to environmental and genetic factors challenges a variety of theories and unanswered questions about the origination of the illness.Understanding schizophrenia and its abnormal link to cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems many people suffer from. Learning how to improve his or her health and wellbeing on a day -to- day basics can greatly improve the outcomes and obstacles impacted by this illness.

Under the direct approach and guidance of a trained professional, medication, therapy, and a managed treatment plan can provide positive supports and treatment theories to help enhance recovery while identifying contributing factors.

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