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Nina J. Gender Typing From the time parent’s receive the first sonogram in which their baby’s gender is recognizable they set specific expectations for that son or daughter. If it’s a boy, the father dreams of his first fire truck or playing catch. While the mother dreams off daughter’s pink room and her wedding. We are going to explore the effects to which this behavior can have on children as they develop in their lives. Most people are familiar with the concept of boys and girls having separate toys.

Boys have guns, army men, cars, tools and sport related toys. Girls have baby dolls, anything pink, play kitchen sets, stuffed animals and Jewelry. We set the examples pretty earlier on in their lives about what the roles for each gender primarily are or, rather, what’s expected of them. When toys that are generally related to the opposite gender are taken away from the child it can reinforce a subliminal message that partaking of the other genders roles is wrong.

It conveys wrong information about the opposite gender (Clientèles, Gender Stereotypes). In a study performed by Raga and Rickrack, preschoolers who were familiar with a errors that deemed playing with the opposite gender’s toys wrong, they were less or not at all likely to play with the toy even if they liked it. The message usually stronger in the instance of boys playing with female toys. Men do manly things. Children are taught to be gender-biased. The question is do they take this message with them as the get older?

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Does this message stay with them through childhood into their teenage years and even adulthood? I believe the answer is yes. If they have parent’s that fortify stereotypical gender roles, this teaching does not stop after their infancy. Not does the teaching top there but the rest of society and the media feed into gender roles as well. Boys grow to be men that play sports regularly and work a 9-to-5 Job. Girls blossom into women who are supposed to cook and clean and look after the children.

Examples of these ideals can be seen in food commercials highlighting a nuclear family with the mother bringing in a turkey with a smile and in magazines women are usually the ones with a mop or broom. What happens if later in life they don’t meet these expectations? It very possible that they feel like they don’t live up to the definition of a man or woman. Immensely negative results of gender typing may be gender discrimination and sexism. If boys are taught to be bread winners, they can then quantify their hard work in numbers by earning money.

A woman’s typical position as homemaker and caregiver is not a paid Job and may seem to men less important because the work can’t be put into dollars and cents. Sexism is often the outcome of this frame of thinking; women can be deemed inferior and even Judge themselves to be of lower importance (Clientèles, Social Stratification). Homosexuals as well. Some homosexual men may have “feminine” qualities. Exhibiting qualities such as high pitched voice and a penchant for home d©cord or fashion can lead to heterosexual males to think less of them due to there resemblance in actions to that of a female.

Gays are constantly disregarded as being “men” by straight males. Women too face discrimination for being the “weaker sex” by earning only 80 percent salary for the same work in the same position as a male counterpart (Rampage, The Gender Pay Gap by Industry, economic. Anytime. Com). Gender typing can start at an early age. A good deal of it has to do with the type of attitudes and environment that a child grows up in. Society may never change in regards to the way it views what roles each gender plays.

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