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The advertisement above is a good example of male and female roles. The products are from the same brand and one is for men and the other is for women. The stance of the male model is very masculine and powerful, legs spread out and his hand in his pocket. He is standing up straight and his expression is very serious which again reflects the status of power. His open collar and untied bow-tie suggests that this man can do what he wants and can afford to be scruffy.

This will be seen by men and will class this as a male fantasy; powerful, wealthy, independent and in control of his win life.The female model’s stance is different compared to the male model. She’s dropped her hip and shoulder which shows her figure more clearly but, in my personal opinion, makes her look more fragile and possibly a little weak. However, her expression says otherwise. It looks as if a smug smile is about to appear which shows a sign of possible hidden power; ‘she has a few tricks up her sleeve’ you could say. Her expression seems to say she knows what she’s doing. Her clothing is very revealing, showing her cleavage, upper body and probably her legs too if the photo as taken in a long shot.Displaying the female model like this is a typical type of objectification which is used to attract both a female and male gaze.

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Looking at the font, there has been an added effect on the brand name which makes it look as if the font is glittering in the light. This links to a feminine stereotype that women like diamond sparkly Jewelry. Compared to the male advert, that font doesn’t have any particular effect that stands out to the audience.

The ‘Gucci Guilty Fragrance below is a women’s fragrance.This is made obvious by the female model’s gaze is straight into he camera lens, creating a connection between her and the audience. However, she still lacks power in this advert typically because of the male model involved. As seen in the advert, she is below him and is almost caged by his arm around her. This shows the male has control over her which gives him more power in the advertisement ultimately making the female’s role passive. The gaze for this advertisement is in fact male because being in control of an attractive woman is a huge part in the male fantasy.The male fragrance from the same brand has a different advertisement set-up but as similar effects. Again the gender of the fragrance is male so the male model is now looking down the camera lens.

This again gives the male power and gives the advert a male gaze. This advert is actually very similar to the female advert because he is again above her and she is looking up at him. This suggests she is looking for something that he has. Money? Power? Inspiring her to be more independent like himself? This is again an example of male fantasy; a women in need of a man. Gender Equality in Advertisements By Taylor

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