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Bank is the leading private banking company that transformed the sector in last
10 years in Turkish market. The company gives importance to the innovation and
is brave to impose new developments. One of the most important problem in
Turkish banking is the adoption of young customers and to push them for saving
money. Most of the banks have youth programs that provide free services and
discounts in different programs. But none of them aims to save money.

1 – Garanti Bank

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A – Background Information

saving is a real issue in Turkey and people prefer to spend almost all of their
income. To convince them to save and contribute to money amount in the banking
sector, new services has to be developed. In our research, we aim to develop a
product for Garanti Bank to improve saving amount of young professionals aging
between 22 to 30.

provide a basis for the product, we will first make an interview with the
target group. The interviews aim to generate information related to the habits
of young professionals and what triggers their consumer behavior. Also, the
interviews will create a base for product offering in which the features are
shaped by the returns. On the other hand, focus groups will be established to
deeply discuss the consumption and saving issue. The members of target group
will be collected and they will be directed with the questions that dive the

the end of the research, we will create a basis for new product which includes
the advantages and disadvantages. Also, it will shape the features and give
crucial information about the consumer behavior of target market.


B – Project for Youngsters to Save Money

Generally speaking, money saving is not an easy thing. Everybody does
not have the same opportunities, however, the greatest elements to be missed
here are not only the difference in income for everyone, but also everyone’s
expenses are different. From here people should try to accumulate income that cannot
be recovered later and should be given importance from small to large.

First one has to control the expenses, list of expenses and money saving
alternatives are important. Prioritizing the expenditures is important. Correct
shopping is also very important. Especially those who are away from the
shopping center for a period of time to reduce the debts like installments can
be very pleased. It is very difficult to get out without spending and it is
designed for such places and shopping.

It’s clear to calculate expenditures from a bank. Garanti will start a
money saving program which will not only enable customers to put money into
their accounts but also spend wisely. Garanti already has connections and
agreements with many retail and service companies, these opportunities will be
offered to customers, in addition expenditure tracking systeme will be applied,
although some may find this intrusion to personal information, this will help
Garanti determine spending routine and help assist customers into campaigns,
options and money saving opportunities. Garanti will also provide deals to
customers in monthly and daily fixed expenditures such as; transportation, eating,
accommodation and etc.


C – The Current Options in Banking

Banks have time deposit accounts and savings accounts, which are used to
help customers’ deposits and raise their investments. Interest on monthly
deposit, quarterly, semi-annually or annually in the time deposit accounts is
given. In this case, the person cannot use the money at any time, that is,
before the time is full. Interest on the deposit is applied to the deposit
account. Saving accounts are different, you can use your savings during the day
when you want, or I want your savings account to invest for you in time. You
can accumulate or use your savings at any time without future anxiety. In
addition, this account high interest rate application to meet the investment
needs of banks. There is no minimum opening amount.

Money saving account interest rates are always higher than normal
interest rates. Savings account campaigns always have a certain transaction limit
and have a lower limit and upper limit.  There is no fee for savings account.

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