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Gang Prevention GANG PREVENTIONThe target group of my initial report was a relatively small group of juveniles that live around the corner from my home on an adjacent street. I compared these youths to another group in the Valley High / Center Parkway area that were in the same age groups between 10 and 15 years of age. The neighborhoods were both middle class areas, although they were very similar at a glance; I found them to be very different demographically and physically. According to my notes taken in class on the Fifth of May, The Valley High area could be considered a level 3 gang threat problem. Emerging gang activity, one or more gangs in the area, schools and parks are often places for youths to congregate and the gang activity seems to be a medium constant in growth.

The Cavendish youth group would fall under a level 1 threat, no imminent danger. The Juveniles on Cavendish Way usually are engaged in some sort of physical activity other than fighting. I believe these youths have a stronger sense of loyalty to family particularly to parents. I used what I learned from both groups, compared youths, gang, activity, youth, juveniles, group, provide, prevention, area, wwwncjrsorg, violence, very, valley, under, threat, sports, problems, outlet, out, notes, need, level, interact, indian, high, groups, fall, environment, energy, controlled, compared, class, children, center, cavendish

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