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Furthermore, Hotels are
using channel management solutions for the distribution of room rates and
availability on OTAs as a way to maximize revenues and save on commissions.

This management system brings maximum value, tracks down commissions, actively
manages a hotel and OTA’s relationship, and builds more business from a wide
range of source markets.

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One thing’s for certain,
OTAs are not going anywhere and hotels are unlikely to unlist themselves, so it
is in both parties interests to figure out a way to coexist in a way that is
mutually beneficial.




Fourthly, changes in the
macro environment in terms of technology, cultural differences, and economic
and political uncertainties have a very high impact on customers’ behavior. In
the recent years, this behavior has changed dramatically within the hospitality
sector.  Due to the rapid boom of the
online world, tools like mobile applications, social media, and NFC
technologies formed are having a huge influencing power on consumers. The customers’
society has become very demanding, expects quality services and seems to always
have the problem of the shortage of time; everybody is in a hurry. Therefore
hotels offering fast and effective options with high quality services mean the
way to success. Travelers are interested in any technology offering to do
things that used to be done manually: looking up and booking hotels, waiting in
a queue to check in/ check out, sending emails to hotels and waiting for hours
-could be days- to get a reply, slow concierge services, etc.

Meanwhile, hotels find
themselves under too much pressure to keep up with technologies offering
alternative solutions to traditional ways of handling things, to maximize
occupancy and fight for every potential client or guest to satisfy them and
earn their loyalty. They are expected to provide the kind superior customer
service experiences guests don’t experience in their

To begin with, hospitality
management professionals are starting to notice the importance of communicating
with website visitors in real time and shift the customers’ experience from a
traditional one, where they had to spend hours searching for information, to
wait, for days sometimes, to get a reply to an email they sent or to make many
phone calls to get answers, to an advanced online ecommerce experience.

A modern solution to
lead conversion is live chat. It is one of the most favored customer service
channels with a 73% satisfaction rate with a 44% satisfaction rate with the


Another challenge for
instance, in airports, people are no longer forced to stand in a queue to check
in. Customers are now expecting the same kind of easy check-ins at hotels as
well as other automated services. Hotels are challenged to invest in systems
and technologies that can personalize the experience for guests, offer a
digital room-service order system as well as other customer-oriented digital

Major hotel chains like
Starwood, Marriott and Hilton will allow members of their loyalty programs who
book through their hotels’ mobile app, web sites or call centers to use
smartphones to unlock their rooms. 

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