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As the young man approached the phenomenal fun fair, the sun was shining bright like a diamond. As he entered other people were rushing in like a herd of animals. Whilst queuing up waiting to go on the ride he could smell the delightful doughnuts. He saw patient people queued up for the rides and they looked tired as if they were waiting all night. As he sat on the ride he could see the petrified people and the wicked wind running towards their frightened faces.

The luxurious lights were on although he could hardly see them. The super sensational screaming sound ran straight to his ears. The sound of laughter filled the air. The mean malevolent music was like an elephant running through a forest and could be heard from all over the park. Furthermore the ground was viciously vibrating as if an earthquake had happened! In addition the Robust Reallocation’s were as fast as lightning. The reallocates was going very high and it looked like it was going to touch the clouds.

The ride finished in less than 10 seconds and then he quickly walked on and then in Ron of his eyes he could see the monotonous merry-go-round and the little children ecstatic and having the time of their lives. The noise of the merry-go-round was annoying so he decided to walk away. Then the ghost train caught his attention and he could see people petrified as if they had a nightmare. The young man walked until the sensational smell of the crispy chips Jumped in to his nose. Splat! That was the sound of vomit as he saw people puking after they had been on the terrifying teacups.

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Moreover the stench of the vomit was disgusting. The sun was not as bright as before although it was still there trying to burn the people. He tasted the cotton candy floss that tasted sweet in his mouth. The small stalls were full of customers buying refreshments. There were also precious prizes that were won at the funfair and every time a person would play the game they would win a prize. Suddenly the sun walked away and the moon Jumped in the suns place. Some of the people were slowly leaving the fantastic funfair although many people didn’t want the dazzling ay to end.

The lights were clearly visible and it seemed as if the sun had not gone away as it was very bright. Furthermore the malevolent music had gone and all that could be heard was the raging reallocation’s or the sound of people laughing. Many of the cchildren’s rides were closed although the grown ups rides were still open. The luxurious lights were like a rainbow; they had every color. Then he saw the bumper cars which were crashing into each other like animals. Funfair scene By washstands

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