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Frued-defense Mechanism Sigmund Freud is known for being the first psychologist who developed the first comprehensive theory of personality. He tries to explain things that are difficult to understand. Freud is still a huge influence on psychology and society today.

He was very controversial and some to this day don?t agree on what he had to say. Freud believed that one way his patients dealt with experiences was by using defense mechanisms.One example of defense mechanisms that I can relate to my own life is sublimation.

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Sublimation for example is taking aggressive impulses and directing them into something else, such as sports. I feel that it is the best way to release your anger. Sometimes I feel one performs better. I know that I do. I go to the gym on a regular basis and one day my girlfriend and I got into a huge fight because she accused me of cheating on her. She got all into my face and was yelling and screaming at me.

At this point I was very confused because I did no such thing of cheating on her. But she was relentless and did not give up on being pissed. I don?t blame her, but I one, because, day, just, out, gym, defense, aggression, way, very, sublimation, mind, going, freud, first, feel, face, don?t, christian, cheating, yelling, wives, weights, weight, told, taking, take, say, now, mechanisms, mechanism, instead, huge, go, give, girlfriend

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