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From a young age, I have always been interested in the
business and marketing world how they function within people’s daily world.

Subsequently while studying my HND Marketing, the intricacy of the business and
marketing world has become more apparent. I understand that to flourish in the
world of business you must take risk and have to motivation to work had and

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I have always been motivated therefore that is why I went in
pursuit of trying to go to University and getting a degree. With regards to
Business, the thought process behind the choice in this intricated and
fascinating subject it to help me understand how to be a very good salesperson
and the detail around it to succeed. I was highly interested through the course
of my Marketing HND, but in particular how I was highly enjoyed the marketing
communications between Business to customer and Businesses to Businesses. In
particular how they coordinate with each other. My keen interest in this unit
has broadened me pursue a occupation with in the Business industry and most
probably in the financial sector.


For work experience I have worked and still working at
McDonalds. Working at McDonalds has been very influential teaching me how to
cope and to continually work under pressure. Being a McDonalds employee I have
been equipped to work a team with my colleague to provide best services to the
customers. Furthermore, I have learnt how to multi-task to provide the same
experience for customer time and time again. Lastly, I have learned about accountability,
and that you cannot escape accountability. Instead, we are coached to take it
head on. Being accountable for my actions allows me to promote a transparent
work environment that allows mistakes. I was also given responsibility to teach
and help mentor new employees In addition, with my father being a financial
advisor he has allowed be to spectate and take notes throughout his meeting in
London learning that a competence in business and personal relations go hand in
hand. In addition, that listening skill are vital and that knowledge is
required through experience.   


Throughout my school life I participated in various events
and kept myself active. I have an open mind towards sport throughout school. I
played Football throughout my school life both for school and club. At my
school in Dubai I coached young years during my lessons and some lunches off.

Coaching these young year necessitated me to have organisation and leadership.

In addition, I played Hockey and Cricket in my previous school playing these
sports taught me teamwork especially but in addition improve spirit and team
morale have these skill is vital as you can transfer them to a business
environment. In addition to playing sport I played chess. Chess I believe is
greater because it is a practise for the brain, in which it enhances your
mental capabilities used throughout life: attentiveness, tactical planning,
imagination, thinking ahead and problem solving.  


For a long time, it has been my ambition to have a career
related to Business, and to study at a University. Furthermore, I look forward
to the educational challenges I may come across. I will not only progress at a
personal level but also become one step closer to laying the foundation for a future
in the business world and hopefully be successful. 


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