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From an early age, I have been fascinated by computers and how they
perform. Having been educated in the Iranian system, I have always been
frustrated by the fact that most schools in Iran seem to regard the study of
computers as an afterthought. My enthusiasm to pursue it further has evolved
into a deeper and more meaningful enthusiasm that I aim to seek at a university
level. I want to use a BSc from a UK university to gain the skills to be able
to devote to this rapidly expanding field that has permanently changed the
world we live in.


The logic, regularity and practicality of Computer Science is what
attracts me to the subject. I am especially captivated by its academic aspects:
its connection to mathematics and problem solving. I have developed high
mathematical skills due to the strict high school curriculum that we had. The
pre-university curriculums in mathematics is equivalent to the first year of
universities outside Iran. My favorite subjects of maths in high school which
were vey challenging for me and made me choose a mathematically grounded
course, are differential coefficient, integrals and functions.

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Beside the intriguing maths I learned at high school, i also
explored two basic computer science courses including, data processing,
information systems which fired my interests. I’m excited to develop my
understanding in this area further by choosing the Logic and Database Theory
and Mathematics and Statistics Software, offered by the undergraduate course.


The first book I read regarding computer science was “the pattern
of stones” by W. Daniel Hillis. I was inspired by the book’s demonstration of
how seemingly complex operations can be understood as repeating simple
operations. this is one of the main motives for me to have career in computer


To follow up my interest in this field, I worked at “IT-Orbit co (
an Iranian software company ) ” as an intern, my job was to maintain websites
using a software named “Kentico”, update web style sheets on a regular basis,
cooperate with other design staff members with various aspects of site
maintenance, and organize web pages with proper anchors and multimedia
elements. Following this experience with “Kentico” I can’t wait to study the
class entitled ‘Professional Engineering and Design’ as my first insight into
software design.


This course requires a significant amount of hard work, and I have
expressed the necessary traits of teamwork and self-discipline through my  involvement in sport and charity. In addition
to my school studies, I’ve Been in love with basketball since my second year of
school. Having trained regularly for more than 6 years, I am now at a level
that I might be nominated to be a national team player. I’m also involved in
charity work, by volunteering in the ” Popli Khalatbari charitable
foundation”. I did soccer coaching for the refugees in the charity’s camp.

This gave me the self confidence I have today, which I will bring to the


As I said this internship was inspirational and helped me
understand the rapidly changing landscape of software innovation worldwide. As
a future job, I would like to start my own software engineering/business company
and become an entrepreneur. the knowledge, skills and experience I’ll gain at
university will help me in the programming and problem solving aspect as well
as the business running aspect. I relish the prospect of studying the raw
science of computing for three years.

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