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Friendship The definition of friendship is as subjective and diverse as the people of this world. Each person has a relationship with another person and that relationship is unique to that combination. Friendships grow and change as each individual will, and the definition of friendship grows and changes with each progressive relationship. When I was very young, I had been told not to talk to strangers. Although I understood the potential for danger, I couldn?t help thinking that I might be letting someone important slip by if I didn?t extend my friendship. In church, I would peek my head over the pews and smile at one or two of the people standing there.

Most of the people would smile back at me, and I don?t think there was a better feeling in the world. There I was, maybe two or three years old, and I was capable of making adult friends without using a single word. Sunday after Sunday I would try out my smile on new people or launch it without thinking to the familiar faces. Back then, my definition of friendship was broad enough to include the relationship I had with anyone at friends, people, friendship, friend, friendships, good, each, smile, person, adult, through, relationship, might, make, definition, time, themselves, relationships, one, lives, identity, didn?t, children, young, world, won?t, without, way, unique, two, true, thinking, think, thing, talk

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