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Freud felt when the needs of each stage are not fulfilled then person’s mind is stuck at that stage, he called it “fixation”, thus the person unconsciously develops lasting effect on their personality. Example, a person who did not have enough sucking pleasure might become fixated at the oral stage and as an adult, this person may be excessively dependent on others and may develop eating, drinking and smoking obsession; The person fixated at the anal stage of psychosexual development may be abnormally concerned with cleanliness, orderliness, and saving; The person fixated at the phallic stage may have derivative of transgender or effeminate as an adult.

Freud’s discovery of psychoanalysis changed the view of society; in regards of treating the mental illness. Before the invention of psychoanalysis, mental illness was considered disease of a brain. Since the study of psychoanalysis doctors started treating mental illness as psychological causes instead of physical causes. In the field of psychology researchers had started searching for inner psychic conflicts and early childhood traumas.

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According to Freud, he himself had an Oedipal crisis, “child’s feelings of desire for his or her opposite-sex parent and jealousy and anger toward his or her same-sex parent,” and everyone could possibly mentally ill. Psychoanalysis has had an enormous impact on the practice of psychiatry, mainly within the United States of America. But then again, today the theory is observed by many medical and academical professionals arguing that theory is almost entirely incorrect. This judgment is based on the crucial test of psychoanalysis: questioning whether it really helps patients with behavioral or psychological problems? Psychoanalysis in its many varieties appears to have little or no efficacy in treating mental illness. Besides all the controversy, Freudian Theory is important? In a field of psychology people still, speak of him as a great figure in Western thought. There are mainly two reasons, at first Freudian theory is purely practical; historically mental illness affects a large part of the population, either they are suffering from it or they are connected in some means. Thus, any curative theory may have had accepted widely as Freud’s.

The second, most important, reason is the Freud forced people to think differently about their behavior, “why they acted the way they did”. He created a whole new way of understanding the behavior: after his study, one can justify their actions, by claiming their motives, desires, and beliefs were buried in the unconscious mind; which they knew nothing about, but then those thoughts nevertheless directly controlled and motivated their conscious behavior. 

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