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The American people take action In Brooklyn a new phenomenon has begun, where they literally are living by eating food from the dumpsters.

You should think that they are doing it because of economical issues, but that’s not always the case, some are doing it to reuse the stuff and not supporting the American corporations, who in their perspectives are destroying the planet. They are environment extremist who sends their message to the world by reusing the food, and they go under the name, Freeman’s.Before we start judging the so-called Freeman’s, we need to understand why hey are doing it, and what their message is. The global warming has become a very popular topic in the postmodern society, especially since the vice president AAA Gore gave his presentation about the global warming. His presentation has affected a lot of people, and we have as each individual reacted differently, some chose to changed their car to an electric car, and some replaced oil with solar energy for their houses, and now the people has found a new way to save the environment, reusing food.The Freeman’s has started to get acceptance from the American people, when hey get more food than they can eat, they often take the extra food into the subway and give out the food to the poor. When the Freeman’s are making anti capitals moves such as taking the food from the rich, and give it to the poor. The Robin Hood effect signals a clear message to the American people, and even the retailers has begun to segregate the food, and letting the Freeman’s know when they take the trash out.

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Can you become a happier person by becoming an environmental person?What better way to show the Americans than a normal American becoming n environmental person will make you more happy, healthier and saving the environment. His quest was to show the world that you can make a difference as an individual, and you don’t have to own a big company or have a lot of money to save the environment. He didn’t take this quest on alone, his wife and 2-year-old daughter did as well. Showing the world that he was raising a young girl without the help of television or any other products, but that socializing with other people and playing outside were more important.And now after 1 year he is not going back to his old life, both him and his family as never felt this good and been so close. So now he has made a website where he challenges people just to try it for 1 week, he wants to change the Americans life values, and teach the Americans that less is more. That you don’t need all these unnecessary things, consumerism is slowly destroying the environment You don’t have to be an environment extremist, such as a Freeman to help save the environment, a guy called Brent Schuylkill has founded the group called Carrot.

His idea was to use business to save the environment, he kicked a liquor shop whose biggest concern is making money, like all other retailers. He promised the liquor shop a lot of costumers if they became an environment friendly retailer. The shop had never had this many costumers in such a little time.

Brent Schuylkill idea was not to help a liquor shop getting more money, but sending a message to the American corporations whose lust for money will never be satisfied, that if you become an environmental company, you will get more costumers which means more money, and more money to save the environment.

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