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The null hypothesis is when the temperature is changed; the concentration will not be affected. The alternate hypothesis is the more the temperature increases, the more the concentration decreases; as the temperature decreases, the concentration increases. Results: In the experiment, there are patterns within the data between concentration and temperature. The pattern that is shown in the data is the inverse relationship between concentration and temperature. The pattern is as the temperature increases, the concentration decreases, and vice versa.The results of the experiment support the alternate hypothesis by showing that certain temperatures such as, CO, ICC, and ICC effect the concentration of the water and potato enzyme solution. In this graph, concentration is on the y-axis and time on the x-axis.

In the legend, it displays which line represents which temperature. From the data shown in graph, it can be concluded that a lower a temperature such as, CO, will have a higher concentration and a higher imperative such as, ICC, will have a lower concentration.Conclusions: The data recorded in the graph is related to my hypothesis about the relationship between concentration and temperature.

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It shows that when a solution of water and potato is put into different temperature environments, it affects the out come of the concentration. In, CO, the concentration of the solution, out of the three temperatures, was the most concentrated and darkest of the solutions. For 220 C, the solution was fairly concentrated and the elution was not as dark as the solution placed in the CO environment.For the ICC, the solution was least concentrated and was lightest colored solutions. The information stated rejects the null hypothesis and supports the alternate hypothesis, which is, when the temperature is increased the concentration will decrease, and when the temperature decreases the concentration will increase.

The null hypothesis that was rejected was that if the temperature were to increase or decrease it would not affect the concentration.

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