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To find the mm in Equation 1 and Equation 2 it can be found as seen in Equation 3. Mm= experiment weight- blank weight To find the ml in Equation 1 and Equation 2 it can be seen in Equation 4. Ml= blank weight- before weight To find the amount that the burner consumed it can be seen in Equation 5. Mass of burner= before weight- experiment weight It is important to be able to understand how to do these equations because by knowing how to do them it can be applied to use in the second experiment.

The purpose of the second experiment was to use the procedure practiced in the first experiment to identify what the unknown given is. By knowing how to find the identity of an unknown in experiment two, it can later be applied when a problem arises that there is a need to find an identity of an unknown. Experimental: For the first experiment, a funnel, carbon dioxide trap, water trap, a burner and connecters were obtained to make a combustion apparatus. The two traps were made by the teacher assistant for the first trial.

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The two traps and the burner were weighed and recorded. One end of the water trap was then attached to the funnel then a connector was attached to the other end of the water trap and one end of the carbon dioxide trap. The other end of the carbon dioxide trap was then attached to a vacuum completing the assembling of the combustion apparatus. A blank was then obtained by turning the vacuum on for three minutes without the burner under the funnel and leaving enough space for air to flow through. After the three minutes, the two traps were weighed again and recorded.

The combustion apparatus was then reassembled and with a lit runner under the funnel the vacuum was on for three minutes. The two traps and burner were then weighed and recorded under the column experiment, concluding the first trial. The experiment was then done for two more trials. However, for the next two times the two traps were not made by the teacher assistant so we had to make it ourselves. The carbon dioxide trap was filled with scarlet with cotton at both ends to keep the contents from spilling out.

The water trap was filled with calcium sulfate and calcium chloride with cotton at both ends to prevent any of the contents from spilling. To make the experiment insistent we compared the tubes we made with the one the teacher assistant made, so then there would not be an inconsistency with the experiment. For the second experiment, a combustion apparatus was assembled again just as it was for the first experiment. The procedure done to measure the two traps and burner were also the same as the first experiment, each were also timed to three minutes under the vacuum. We also made our own traps and the experiment was done in two trials.

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