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                                                   Forensic ScienceStudents NameCourse code          Forensic ScienceForensicscience has become part of human life today. It has been critical in solvingmajor crimes all over the world which would have seen the perpetrators walkfree while the victims losing out in their quest to finding justice. One namethat comes up whenever the terms forensic science appear is Sherlock Holmes.However, most people do not realize that all the stories affiliated with Holmesare fictional.

He was just a character that was used to bring more captivationsto the world that is forensic science. That notwithstanding, certainindividuals have made great strides in defining forensics. Their contributionsto the subject have helped shape it to what it is today. They have providedanswers to serious crimes that would have otherwise seen the masterminds notface the rule of law. One of these individuals is Dr.

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Michael Baden whosecontributions played a significant role in the investigations surrounding thedeath of Carradine. Dr.Baden is an experienced medical doctor who has participated in high profilecriminal investigations into murders.

As an esteemed and highly rated forensicpathologist, his work has seen him play influential roles in solving a numberof cases which have involved celebrities. Apart from being a medical doctor anda practicing forensic pathologist, Dr. Baden is also writes fictional storiesas well as hosting television shows (“Who is Dr.

Michael Baden, the coronerThat Examined Michael Brown?- NBC News.” 2014). One of the most influentialcases he ever worked was the Michael Brown case a young man who was shot bypolice despite him being unarmed at the time. The case brought with it anincreased public interest due to the fact that the teenager was black.

Dr.Baden’s participation in carrying out the autopsy was at the personal requestof the parents of the teenager. To date, Dr.

Baden continues to use hisexperience in solving major crimes all across America.                                                            ReferencesWho is Dr. MichaelBaden, the coroner That Examined Michael Brown?- NBC News.

(2014, August 19).Retrieved from 

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