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  For the last year or more, the media has focused on one person with unrelenting precision: Donald Trump. For good reason, too. Mr. Trump is the president of the United States, the most powerful position in the world. He has the power to refute laws passed by the government, can declare wars and commands the most powerful army in the world, and unleash nuclear weapons at his discretion. The citizens of the United States believed in his ability to lead our country to prosperity to the extent that they elected him to this position.    Some say that he is a loose cannon, that his mental capacity is questionable. They argue that his erratic decisions coupled with the fact that he has never held governmental office could potentially make him a national hazard. If the claims were true, a mentally unstable person with that much power would not affect only this generation; he would ruin the world for the next several generations, and specifically, our generation.   To start, the President of the United States has the power to veto bills passed by Congress and wields a lot of power in introducing new laws. To date, President Trump has not vetoed a significantly controversial bill. He has had the opportunity to do so. In fact, to date, since he took office, he has signed 55 bills passed by Congress into law. However, that is not to say he has had a hand in several questionable bills. He replaced the Affordable Healthcare Act with a revised version critics dubbed TrumpCare. His infamous travel ban was ruled unconstitutional by the 12th Judicial Circuit in Hawaii within twelve minutes of being signed. It caused a media firestorm, complete with protests. A new tax bill was passed that lowered taxes on several demographics-notably large corporations-and will increase the federal debt by billions of dollars after he leaves office.Another source of ammunition is the notorious Twitter account. His account has been the butt of many jokes. He frequently takes to the platform to spew outrage at national news outlets(“fake news!”), Democrats(“Crooked Hillary”), and congratulate fellow Republicans on promoting his agenda. Scrolling through the thousands(in  some cases, hundreds of thousands) replies to any of his tweets, you will find hundreds of comments railing on about current bones of discontentment. Critics claim that anyone who would respond to the spotlight presidents receive in the way he does does not deserve to be president, and should in fact see a psychiatrist.   A source of worry for nearly everyone on the planet is the fact that Donald Trumpcontrols the second biggest nuclear arsenal in the world-enough arms to kill everyoneon the planet 700 times over. Incidents like the false middle alert in Hawaii worrynearly all Americans. Some fear that if the President did not receive word that is was a mistake in time, he would retaliate against who he thought was responsible without consulting military advisors that would stop such an attack. In light of his comments about his nuclear superiority over North Korea, such a situation is plausible to over 80% of Americans surveyed.  Some factions are worried about his power of pardon. As President, he can wipe away a criminal conviction and record if he so chooses. His hugely controversial pardon of ex Arizona Sheriff Joe Apirio shows that he is not afraid to use his power, despite what others may think of it, especially to those that support his agenda. Those others, however, worry about who else he might pardon. Himself, if he is convicted of treason? Anyone that may be charged for the same offense? If so, that would make him even more powerful, above the law. Freedom in America would go into decline if anyone was made above the law.Any one of these worst case situations would undoubtedly affect every American alive today. Some could result in millions dying, others in Americans entering a state of poverty or extreme restrictions. The world as we know it would be changed for the worse. But the outcome would be so much worse for the upcoming generation. Our generation. If the worst happens, it will be our responsibility to learn how to adapt or to change the world for the better.We did not vote Donald Trump into office. Some supported him, some did not. We had no choice. The future is our choice though. That is why whatever Donald Trump does in his years as President affects us.

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