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Food waste leads to world starvation, overcrowding of the landfills, and unnecessary impact of the biodiversity, this strongly impacts the population growth. Giving food to the poor people through charity and other services can help stop starvation, and not throwing food in our landfills will help save our biodiversity too.Food waste is the main reason why there is world starvation. ?th of the food in our continent never gets eaten. 13 million children struggle with hunger, and 5.4 billion elders struggle to afford enough to eat. If the people pitch in and help with charity, people who don’t have enough food or can’t afford food will at least get a portion of a meal. There is so much hunger that the population of the United States, Canada, and England combined will give the number of hungry people in the world. The wasted food could be given to the poor instead of going in the trash. Although food waste leads to starvation it can also lead to overcrowding of the landfills.Food waste causes overcrowding of the landfills which leads to changes in climate, changes in the earth’s atmosphere, and the overcrowded landfills are taking more space. Greenhouse gases such as methane are really harmful to the environment. These gases can enter the peoples’ system which can kill the population. Methane is released by the rotten foods in the landfills. There are only 1,908 landfills left in the world because all the other landfills are crowded from food waste. Like food waste overcrowds the landfills, food waste also leads to the unnecessary impact of the biodiversity.Food waste greatly impacts our natural biodiversity and usable land area. Uneaten food takes up 3/10th of the world’s agriculture land area. Statistics note that fruit waste contributes to water wastage. The water and the agricultural land can be used for more better things. The water could be used for those poor people who don’t get enough water every day. The extra agricultural land could let farmers grow crops for profit which can allow them to buy food and pay for healthcare and basic necessities. Food waste harms biodiversity, usable land, and impacts the environment leading to decrease in population. There are many solutions that can help stop the impact of the environment.There are many solutions to stop the impact of the population growth. Charity work can help collect food that gets wasted, so it can help decrease the gases going in the environment. This way our population wouldn’t decrease. Last year a network rescued a lot of food from being wasted. The food went directly to people who are facing hunger. Also, plan what you need and what is necessary to buy and don’t focus on the food that is unnecessary. If people work together and contribute to stopping food waste; then there will never be an impact on the population growth.Food waste is a major problem worldwide and it needs to be stopped, otherwise more of our atmosphere will be ruined and more people will die. People should stop throwing food away, instead give it to the people in need. If you can’t reduce wasting food, then divert it from the landfills. Put it in a compost for the sake of the environment and the people.

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