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Food is essential to the daily living of man. All man should eat and drink in order to live for it is our basic need. People eat foods to survive. Good Health can be attained from good nutrition and good nutrition result from lifelong habits of good diet (Williams and Tungpalan).

These foods contain essential nutrients that are essential for our growth and development, and for the maintenance of life. The kind and amount of foods taken in by an individual and how the body use the nutrients therein reflects the nutritional status of an individual. People choose their foods for various reasons.For the large majority, however, the food choices they make each day could benefit or impair their health in the proportion to the wisdom of those choices. The function of health and happiness depends on the wise selection of food.

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It has been claimed and experienced that there is a definite relationship between good food and good looks. Careful selection of food is essential to good health. The proper functioning of the body and physical attraction or satisfaction is derived from it. One who is nourished with the proper kind and the right amount of food is generally healthy looking.Generally speaking, the right choice of the food improves one’s good looks prevent illness and keeps one healthy. The school environment plays an important role in improving good eating habits for the students. The canteen plays an important role in promoting good nutrition because it can: a. give students a taste for healthy foods; b.

support nutrition messages taught in class; and c. show students’ better choices for lunches and snacks (http://www. scribd. com/doc/47463383/Importance-of-canteen).

It is an important part of the school’s life and provides a healthy variety of food and drinks to support the children’s nutritional needs.

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