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Expressing agreement and disagreement “Listen and Discuss”

  1.  Form a group of three members.

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  2. Watch and listen to the video clips.
  3. Answer the questions in the template given.
  4. Choose one discussion question and video record your group discussion.

5. Submit no. 3 and no. 4 in Démodé.

Video 1The advantage of using the sophisticated gadget and technology in education. (2 marks)1. What is the main idea of the video?2.

State three reasons why the student in the video prefers to bring her laptop to class. Marks)a. She can take note really fast using her laptop it is organized wellb.

She can search on the dictionary and wisped online about the words that she does not understandc. She can watch the video directly for example from youth to understand better in learning any topicVideo 2The hardships of poor family in getting the source of clean water for sanitation and hygiene 2. What are the three ways that Oxford Wash program does to save the lives of and to give back opportunities to the villagers in Papua New Guiana? 3 marks)a.

Build and give them the water supplyb. Make the campaign around the world so that many people know the villagers condition and help them simultaneouslyc. Donates some house necessary item and repair what should be repairedd. Always visit them to know their current conditionVideo 3 The important of taking good breakfast2.

According to the video, why we should not skip breakfast? Marks) a. Can give energy to our body (3 b. Can keep us motivated because our stomach in good condition (not angry) that may distract our daily routinec.Good for systems foundation in our bodyVideo 4World food program for victims after facing the super typhoon Hanna2.

Why are high energy biscuits a good form of food aid to the victims?A. Give them energy for bodyb. Contains vitamins and mineral that good food their body systems.

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