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Consent Form – Focus Group Interviews – CDS Diversity Assessment You are invited to participate in a research study assessing the training needs of the CDS full-time hourly staff. We ask that you read this consent form and ask any questions you may have before agreeing to participate in this study. Participants must be 18 years old or older. (Comment #1) This study is being conducted by Anam Kazim (Graduate Student), Karen Samuel (Graduate Student), Shruti Singla (Graduate Student), and Dr.Dan Brown (Professor) at Illinois State University Purpose of the Study: The purpose of this study is to gain knowledge about the current work culture and environment among the 149 full-time hourly CDS staff, with regard to diversity.

The ultimate aim is to create a better and more inclusive work environment for the staff members. (Comment #1) Procedures and Duration of the Study: If you agree to participate in this study: * You will be asked to participate in a focus group discussion comprising of 5 staff members and led by a moderator.None of the CDS administration members will be present at the sessions.

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* Participation in this study should take between 45 and 60minutes and will be completed during work hours. (Comment #1) Risks and Benefits of being in the Study: * The risks associated are minimal. * If you feel uncomfortable answering any of the questions you are free to skip them or stop your participation at any time. * There are no immediate benefits to the participant, but we hope that the results will help create a positive and inclusive work environment. Comment #1) * While we cannot guarantee that participants in the focus groups will not share information with others outside the sessions, we will ensure we request them to respect other’s confidentiality and refrain from sharing information outside. (Comment # 2) Confidentiality: * The records of this study will be kept confidential and will only be accessible to the researchers.

None of your supervisors or managers will have access to them. * Your name and identity will not be traced to your responses, and no identifying information will be presented in any reports that may be submitted. Comment #1) * The focus group sessions will be audio taped only to make it easier for the researchers to analyze the data, and the tapes will be destroyed after the completion of the study. You are free to request the moderators to stop the recording at any point during the session.

(Comment # 2) Voluntary Nature of the Study: * Participation in this study is voluntary. Your decision whether or not to participate will not affect your current or future relations with Illinois State University.If you do not wish to participate, then please return the unsigned consent form to the researchers. If you decide to participate, you are free to refrain from answering questions you do not like or withdraw from the study at any time without any consequences. . Contacts and Questions: The primary investigator of this study is Dr. Dan Brown.

If you have any questions regarding the nature of this study you are encouraged to contact Dr. Brown at 215 D Turner Hall, by phone at (309) 438-2695, or by email at [email protected] edu.If you have any questions or concerns regarding this study and would like to talk to someone other than the researcher(s), you are encouraged to contact the Research Ethics and Compliance office at Illinois State University by phone at (309) 438-2520. Statement of Consent:I have read the above information.

I have asked questions and have received answers. I am at least 18 years old. By signing below, I give my consent to participate in this study. Signature:_________________________ Date:_________________________

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