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Flowers for Algernon Charlie Gordon is a young man with an IQ of 68 who has a job at a bakery and attends night classes in an effort to improve himself. An experimental brain operation becomes available that promises triple intelligence (it has already done so for a mouse named Algernon), and Charlie excitedly decide that he wants to give it a try. The story consists solely of Charlies diary entries from the time he hears about the operation through the operation and his dramatic increase, and subsequent decrease, of IQ. Charlies increased intelligence opens up to him the understanding of everyday things that had been beyond his grasp, and at his peak he soars to the level of genius, ironically identifying the flaw in the scientific work of the two scientists who developed the operation he has undergone, and thus destroying their careers as their shallow research destroys the life that had been his. Among the everyday things Charlie understands for the first time is the fact that two of his male co-workers have regularly taken advantage of his retarded state to make fun of him, sometimes roughly.

Charlie also becomes self-conscious operation, charlie, story, people, charlies, life, iq, been, understanding, something, place, out, new, makes, level, leave, keyes, issues, human, friends, enemies, about, whom, two, turn, time, through, thought, things, subject, raises, person, others, one, mentally, intelligence, however, first, find, everyday, even, done, beyond, becomes, among, algernon, 68, young, yet

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