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In order to determine the identity of several unknowns, I will perform flame tests and then use my data and observations.

Background In this Unit, I am studying the election configurations such as Barium, Copper, Lithium, Potassium, and sects. I studied wavelengths in the visible spectrum. I also studied a characteristic color in a flame test and energy changes of electrons. Procedure 1. Put on lab apron.

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2. A half amount of water was added to small beaker. 3. The lab burner was lighted. 4.Obtain one of test stick so that I has been soaking in Fee(No)..

5. Then the test stick #4 was put to fire and observe the color of the flame. 6. After recording the color of the flame #5 and now get ready to test another stick. 7. Repeat the process of obtaining other test stick and observe the color of the flame for the allowing elements: Barium, Copper, Lithium, Potassium, Sodium, and Calcium. 8. Test all of the test sticks and make sure that you record the color of the flame for each element on the Data Table.

Conclusion 1 . Flame tests are useful means of determining the composition of substances. The colors produced by the flame test are compared to known standards. The color of the flame and component colors is unique for each element. 2.

Flame analysis is based on the physical and chemical principle that atoms?after being heated by flame?return to their normal energy state by giving off the excess energy in the form of light. The frequencies of the light given off are characteristic for each element. 3.Electrons in the excited state back to the ground state was unstable, so that the difference in energy as the energy is emitted. So when you get down to the ground state energy of the same size that emit radiation with visible light regions correspond to radiation reaction can be observed when the flame. 4. We can observe the flame color of the eyes often appear in the metal atoms.

For example, in the case of sodium atoms that emit radiation in the wavelength of the electrons, so the orange (yellow light) represents Mann.

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