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According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), there are five major categories of alternative therapies.

This includes the following: Mind-Body Interventions (where the therapy is directed at using the emotions and thoughts of a patient in order to hasten the recovery or improve the overall function of the body through maximum mind and body coordination); Energy Therapies (wherein the human body is regarded as the totality of complex parts that serve as interacting energy fields that should function properly and in proper coordination of one another);Alternative Medical Systems (which makes use of several practices applying traditional theories and methods i. e. Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Naturopathy); Biologic-Based Therapies (wherein the whole focus is usually the nutritional intake of a person such as dietary interventions, nutrient supplements and other lifestyle changes); Manual Healing Medicine (which makes use of the art and science of “touching” as the primary instrument to restore proper body functions i. e. massage, chiropractic, etc.

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).As for the crystal therapy, it should be classified under the Energy therapies primarily because it follows the idea that the body serves as a totality of the energy systems or “chakras” of a human being. Treatment philosophy and principle of Crystal Therapy The overall therapy philosophy that is applied in crystal therapy is the idea that the body is made up of “chakras” and electromagnetic fields. It also applies the belief that some crystals, charm stones or gem stones can actually release and promote the proper flow of these energies in our bodies.In crystal therapy, every human being or rather every living entity should not be regarded as something comprised of isolated parts, or in medical terms “organs”.

Rather, the individual should be seen as a totality, a complete being that carries unique but innate characteristics. As such, the body is regarded as an energy system that is capable of developing and even healing itself all on its own, primarily through the use of innate mechanisms that prompt it to mature, to adapt to its environment, and to cope up with its day to day challenges.Generally, the crystals are regarded as effective tools to promote the free flow of the innate energy in the human body.

The crystals are aligned or positioned in certain directions and arrangements in order to direct the passage of body energy so as to ensure the proper functioning of the body. As soon as proper energy distribution is achieved, the body will then attain harmonious health. It will be free from discomfort and illness. Historical development and evolution of the Crystal TherapyCrystal therapy comes from way back in the history of mankind. Apparently, the earliest application of crystal therapy was recorded during the ancient Egypt. According to the papyrus of Ebers, there were various medicinal functions of various gemstones.

To complement this, archaeologists were able to find a wide variety of charms and stones within the Egyptian graves. According to history narratives, stones such as Lapis, malachite, turquoise, and tiger’s eye provides protection for the human body.In effect, these stones promote good health and treat many illnesses. Aside from Egypt, crystal therapy also emerged in China, Japan, and India. Most of the time, they are regarded as mystical tools associated with the power of nature and Mother Earth.

The practice of Crystal Therapy More and more people are using crystal therapy not only to ward off diseases but to attract good fortune. In some cases, dependence in crystal therapy can be harmful to a person primarily if it delays a person from seeking actual scientific and medical advice.The concern for this potential danger and the rapidly growing number of practitioners and patrons of crystal therapy prompted the development of the British Crystal Healers (BCH). The BCH serves as a governing association for crystal healers as it sets some standards for the practice of crystal therapy.

This group was founded by two major UK groups of crystal healers such as the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO) and the Crystal and Healing Federation.Basically, only the BCH certified schools can teach, train, and produce reliable crystal therapists. Such is then complemented with a regular “Continual Professional Development” study that is conducted every year. However, no government regulation that directly addresses the practice of crystal healing exists. References: An introduction to crystal therapy (n. d.

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