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When I was 5 years old I got a Fire Truck as a Christmas gift.

It was very exciting for many months to play with it and I never knew what it was really like to become a fireman/fire fighter. As I grew older, I would see fire trucks passing by with screeching sirens and alarming red lights on and I would wonder why one would chose to become a fire fighter. Asking around made me more educated and to my surprise it did not Just involved riding noise making, shiny powerful red trucks, but it was more of helping needy people, rescuing lives from dangerous situations, team building, sighting with life taking events and so forth.I came to know that there is someone out there with a need and the skills and Job responsibilities a fireman has only handful of people can fill that need. It is known that going to any emergency calls is probably going to be life threatening situation and only reward one can get is his own personal satisfaction. It is always going to be mind boggling and great feeling knowing that a life was saved because of selfless efforts of a fire man. This profession also requires team building. In many case the situation is handled by more than one person.

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Every one depends on every one. The mission is to control the situation and rescue lives that are in danger. Thus, by default everyone on the team learns to drop all the personal egos and prides and works in cohesive manner not only during the critical situation, but also before and after the situation. What sets a fireman apart from most of the people is the level of integrity and character one builds.

By default, high priorities are placed on trust and building relationships with people.One of the greatest gifts that one can give is the time to save someone’s life. Being a firefighter not only builds strong relationship with oneself, but also with people who he or she comes in touch with. I believe that being a firefighter would be a great way to experience life. People work day and night to accumulate wealth and reach somewhere. Many positions do not bring the self fulfillment.

Firefighters’ life is like living where you push your boundaries every day and night. It involves doing things that will benefit more than Just you.As I investigate more I find out that it more than just riding long truck making others to give you a right of way on the congested highways or streets. It is pretty significant commitment and more challenging to even being accepted.

The training is involved where you may not even see your family for a long time. However, at the end of the day and in the later of your life when you look back, there will be a lots of moments that one can think of and be proud of! Fireman: Firefighter and Team Building By cooperators

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